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  • joy
    Christiansburg, VA
    oil cooler line
    92 Mitsubishi Montero with small leak in oil cooler line. mechanic said no major deal. Is this true? please explain.
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  • Chris
    Palmetto, FL
    Starter problem
    my 1997 chevy conversion van keeps chewing up starters. The shop replaced the flywheel and starter then two weeks later it chewed up another one. The starter had shims and started working fine. I have...
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  • Clifford
    Mount Vernon, WA
    Electrical advise on old Dodge van
    I have a 1978 Dodge van.  While I was driving it lost all electrical power.  We looked for a fusible link but didn't find anything that looked burned.  The starter switch feels sloppy. Could that caus...
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  • Jawahar
    Washington, DC
    Engine cranks but will not start
    I have chevy 1982 P 30 food truck when I turn on the engine it cranks but will not start. I have change the distributor,cap and coil stil it cranks but will not start.
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  • joy
    Christiansburg, VA
    door locks
    92 Mitsubishi Montero passenger door won't unlock. inside or outside  handles will not open door. lock will go up and down but cannot get door open. Tried slim jim, didn't work. How can I get door ope...
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  • rhonda
    Manito, IL
    I shut it off then it won't start
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  • joy
    Christiansburg, VA
    door lock
    92 Mitsubishi Montero.Inside and outside door handles don't work. Lock works but door won't open. Tried slim jim.
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  • Joan
    Memphis, TN
    Can you all make a keyless automatic remote starte...
    My email address is
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  • John
    Boulder City, NV
    Oversized holes in alloy wheel
    Bold holes in an alloy wheel mounted on a double axle boat trailer are about 1/8-in. oversized compared to the original holes.  Lug nuts seem to seat the wheel firmly, but I'm wondering if there could...
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  • wally
    engine light on in my neon
    engine light on in my says bad gas or cap????
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