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  • Joe
    Manchester, VT
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  • angel
    Vancouver, WA
    arrow magnolia clear lagoon
    cleans and deodorizes non flammable non staining. i have about 50gallons at a great price just give us a call 360-606-8938 nova detailing
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  • Patsy
    Midland, GA
    Pontoon boat motor
    50 hp Evinrude - want local mechanic to look over motor and repair.  Boat is docked in Euafaula,Ala.  Do not have a trailer.
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  • Jawahar
    Washington, DC
    Power steering replacement
    I have a 1982 Chevy p30. I replaced the power steering pump recently, because the original one was leaking. I have bled the system after installing and still my steering is very hard/tight. 
    I looked...
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  • jameson
    Hughesville, MD
    why is my brake locking up?
    I have a 96 Dodge Ram van. When driving long
    distance in hot weather the passenger front brake
    locks up. If you turn off van and let cool down
    it seems to stop. When you take off tire and inspect b...
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  • Thomas
    Edison, NJ
    Is there an easy way to determine if you have a chipped tooth on either the starter or crankshaft flywheels?
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  • Robert
    West Union, WV
    2000 Yamaha grizzly 600- starter bendix washer?
    Does the washer go on the starter side or the casing cover side of the starter bendix on a 2000 yamaha grizzly 600?
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  • Karen
    Syracuse, NY
    In Central New York we run a support group for persons with mental disorders,Depression-Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA) We are in need of a grant to help keep our group up and running. We are seeking a...
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  • carl
    Aurora, CO
    gas fumes
    i am getting gas fumes inside my suv. ford expedition2002. just started
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  • buck
    Jacksonville, FL
    stalls and skips sometimes.backfired once.
    2003 ford expd. xlt.had coils put on 2 yrs.a.took off catalytic conv. for more power
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