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  • Alex
    Fair Oaks, CA
    Alex's Comfort Shoes
    We are a comfort shoe store that specialize in hard to fit feet. We offer a large variety of sizes and widths. We offer custom and semi custom orthotics, and specialize in stylish orthopedic shoes and...
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  • Dale
    Fort Edward, NY
    temp gauge
     we have a mechanical temp gauge .New. It reads 0 with thecar running but goes up to the correct temp reading when you shut it off.We changed it because of this but the new one does the same thing.
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  • Michelle
    Walterboro, SC
    2010 Taotao scooter
    need help figuring out why my scooter won't stay running after it starts. Fuel line is clear. New gas. Cleaned carb. Can't figure out what the problem is! Thanks for any help you can give.
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  • santos
    Brentwood, NY
    Item: MC_D150HNEW 150cc Deluxe Touring Moped Scoot...
    no brake lights,no gas gauge indication
    no horn no radio
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  • frank
    Front Royal, VA
    jeep charokee
    won't start. lights come on and locks respond. had started tested and its fine. charged battery and tight connections. any clue what could be wrong?
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  • Marcy
    Sewell, NJ
    Vehicles for sale
    Where can I find your autos for sale?
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  • alfredo
    Pittsburg, CA
    problems with gauges
    I have a 1999 gmc jimmy first had starting problems the no fuel gauge and no temp gauge battery lights on new alternator heater no hot no 4 wheel drive please please help.
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  • mike
    Denison, TX
    1997 gmc jimmy blowing 20 amp ecm/ignition fuse
    was blowing fuse replaced battery checked wires but when you turn key on it will blow fuse
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    Baskin, LA
    need help
     I drive a 1997 chevy tahoe le. I had a fuel pump install and now it won't stay running. a mechanic put a machine on it and this is what it said--MAP/BARO CIRCUIT VALUE LOW, ENGINE COOLANT TEMP VALUE ...
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  • Judy
    Blairsville, PA
    I am trying to find a phone number for this company,i brought this site up a few days ago asked a question and got no response thank you
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