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  • BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD NO... read more BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD NOT RECCOMED EVEN TO SOMEONE I DIDNT LIKE TO GET WORK DONE HERE WISH OTHERS HAD POSTED EXPERIENCE SO I KNEW THE TYPE OF SHOP BEFORE CHOOSING TO USE THEM HERE IS A SUMMARY OF WHAT HAPPENED AND NOT DONE ALONG WITH REPAIRS THAT WERE DONE WERE NOT DONE CORRECT. JUST A BANDAGE JOB AND ALREADY FAILING ON THE DRIVE HOME FROM THE SHOP AND HAVE TO BE DONE CORRECTLY THIS EMAIL, CALLS AND TEXTS WERE NOT EVEN RESPONDED TO BY THIS SHOP AFTER LETTING THEM KNOW THERE WAS A PROBLEM. To Al and anyone else this concerns, I was contacting you to show once again that I tried to resolve the repair problems, after countless phone calls not answered, messages left and text messages sent trying to resolve the problems with the repairs and what was not repaired on the motorhome. less than 200 miles after picking it up from you, I experienced a mechanical failure that left us stranded on the interstate in Nebraska for four days; I paid you to install a new transmission, but when the transmission was replaced the alignment dowels were not transferred from the old transmission to the new transmission by your mechanics and were missing, causing a misalignment that caused the flexplate to flex and eventually break the center hub of the flexplate out leaving the motorhome totally disabled. Other repair problems include the drivers mirror still loose and installed with wood screw, side tv door when reinstalled not shimmed correctly causing it to chip the paint off at upper left corner hitting tv door frame, tv door latch location being in wrong location causing front latch to not latch, remedied by your employees by moving the front latch to rear latch hole and stating to us to grind some material out of the front latch location if we were to install front latch. Also, some repairs that you were paid to repair in the repair estimate and payments from Travelers and my deductibles were not done, including: All referenced below are from repair estimate companion claim #IMJ8914001: line 11 of the “Repair Rear ramp door trim rt ,” Rear door is still bent at the handle location was not repaired Line 12 Replace rear ramp door grab handle “ only removed the one from the left side and installed on the rt side, did not purchase and install a new handle line 4 r&I Side Door for repairs, line 5 repair side door shell, only the hole was repaired the damage next to door handle and lock assembly was not repaired Line 6 “Refn Add for jamb” door jamb is still damaged and complete door was not painted and door jamb was not repaired looks like white paint was just blotted on the damage area will post original and current photos Line 7 R & I Side Door Glass Was not removed and Installed Line 9 Replace Side door weather stripping was not replaced Line 10 Side door decals and stripes were not replaced Claim Number IMJ8914001: Line 3 R & I Front body cap, loosen and set back for access Front body cap on left side is loose and has something pushing out from the inside of the repair was not fully reattached Line 4 Front body cap on left side is loose and has something pushing out from the inside of the repair was not fully reattached, body is cracking along with new paint Line 6 Repl A/M Windsport decal, Windsport decal was not replaced Checks were received by your business and deposited and full payment of deductibles and supplement. Once again I will forward this my receipt, repair / payment estimates and all corresponding text and phone logs along with original photos and progress photos over to Travelers insurance also with photos of the motorhome currently, damages not fixed and the repairs done and the repairs that were not done and repairs that were not to there specs laid out in the estimate and are already failing causing more damage to the motorhome. I will let travelers proceed how they see fit to recoup there money and cover the damages to the motorhome with the current condition and the repairs that need to be corrected and items that were not done but paid for. I now understand why the only option I had to pay to get my motorhome was either wire transfer before pickup of the motorhome or cash at time of pickup and you would not take a business check or card of any kind. Respectfully Travis

  • I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in fo... read more I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in for an oil service. I spoke to the tall service manager. He was helpful and explained I had 3 open recalls on my SAAB then one is related to my seat belts. This is why I always like going back to the dealership to have my SAAB repairs completed. I never knew they are PERILLO SAAB I thought all SAAB dealerships went out of business. I know found my SAAB dealership. Thomas B. Chicago Il

  • The shop was hard to find. Entrance is on Cambridge Av. off of Chicago... read more The shop was hard to find. Entrance is on Cambridge Av. off of Chicago Av. Nice guys, clean shop and they even washed my car.

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