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Auto Reviews in the Lenexa Area

  • RaaganreviewedCarwash Nushine

    If you care about keeping you car parts attached to your car during a ... read more If you care about keeping you car parts attached to your car during a car wash do not go to NuShine Carwash at Bannister and Blue Ridge in KCMO. This website required a rating before allowing me to post...I rate them negative stars! I went for my usual weekly car wash as I have for quite some time. I purchased the $10 wash and added the $2 tire shine. I pulled up to bay and tip the guys that rinsed my car at the beginning of wash. Putting my car in neutral and the wash begins. Towards the end of the wash my car piece along side of my drivers window flies off. Mind you, this is not a small part on the body of my Ford Explorer 2012. I pulled back through to the attendant at the booth, which happens to be an owner, and he calls a guy in the wash bay. All of a sudden this guy comes out of the bay with my car part in hand. The part was 3' long. He then attempts to put the part back on while destroying the molding. I then said please stop and give me the part before you make it worse. The part was broke due to wash/drying process pulling the part so hard it snapped away from the body of my car. Being upset, I took the part and went to a body shop to see if the part was still good...of course not, it cost $117 to replace for a $12.00 car wash. I then approach the man in the booth (same guy that I reported the damage day of incident), he asked if a report was made. Of course it was not made since that was not mentioned as an option at the time of occurrence. He request I pull to the side and he would have a supervisor come out and write up a report. Well, the supervisor happen to be the same guy that brought me my car part from the wash bay the day of damage. I show him the part, and begin's the bs reason that they only keep two to three days of video of car washes, and why they are not liable for this damage, as he is viewing where the two clips were broke. I asked "does this happen that often that you honestly do not remember bringing this (I'm holding the actual broken part of my car) part from the bay?" His response was "well it might have been a busy day." I was not even asking for the full reimbursement of expense, just a simple something of good faith. No, that did not happen. I'm reporting this so you are not put in the same financial situation of $117.00 expense sue to a $12.00 car wash at NuShine Carwash on Bannister Road in KCMO. Unethical business owners!!!!

  • very good with body work they are one of the top shops in kc and ameri... read more very good with body work they are one of the top shops in kc and american famnily gives them top 3 rating in metro area and american family ins lists them as one of their approved estimate shops in kc so you deal directly with them

  • WalterreviewedCar Wash 103 Inc

    Vehicle damaged while using this line of car washes. Select another!

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