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Auto Reviews in the Acton Area

  • JessereviewedZaks Auto

    I went to zaks auto to have several things serviced on my car: New ... read more I went to zaks auto to have several things serviced on my car: New tires Rattling in the front of the car Pulsing in the brakes Check engine light with several codes. Jayson helped me at the front desk, was excellent and did his job perfectly. Unfortunately, the only thing they were able to fix correctly was putting new tires on my car. I spent around $1500 there, the front rotors are warped which is causing the pulsing in my brakes, which I had mentioned when I originally came in, however instead they replaced my rear brakes, so I now have to fix the front brakes myself, as they wanted an additional $500 to fix the front brakes after I took my car home, and the brakes still pulsed. Check engine light was due to oxygen sensor, and the secondary air injection system. The oxygen sensor was correctly replaced, however the air injection system (which they had previously serviced) code is still currently on. I was quoted an additional $500 to replace the secondary air injection cut off valve that I had just replaced myself in February. I was told that "that was were the code was coming from" however I can also scan check engine codes, and it was a generic "Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected" which doesn't give mention of any component. They had a technician take a road test with me to hear the rattling in my front end that happens over bumps or rough patches of road. The technician was very dismissive of the issue, trying to tell me how it was normal, and that if they fixed it it wouldn't last long. They didn't fix it, they had no idea what was causing it and were trying to get me out of the shop. Literally 5 minutes of googling brought me to this youtube video which perfectly describes my issue. Not at all happy with the obvious lack of ownership the technicians had, and not at all happy that after $1500 I still have a rattle, pulsing in my brakes and a check engine light.

  • Service is great, as it has been for the past 30 years or so.

  • My family have all used Pro Auto for years- this includes a variety of... read more My family have all used Pro Auto for years- this includes a variety of vehicles including Honda's, Toyota's, and BMW's. If you want reliable and honest mechanics to make sure your car stays in good condition then this is the place to come. I always expect the cost of labor to be slightly higher than other places, but you get what you pay for. -Geoff Tyler

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