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Auto Reviews in the Hanover Area

  • Went in to get a headlight fixed for a ticket and made an appointment ... read more Went in to get a headlight fixed for a ticket and made an appointment for the following morning. We decided to drop the car off and uber back after dinner and while finishing up we received a call from Bill who told us he already took care of the light and we were able to drive home only an hour after dropping it off. Very friendly staff and very appreciative of the quick service that was provided...... Thank you guys!!!!!!!!

  • JessikareviewedBee Zee Auto

    The worst absolute worst place to ever buy a vehicle. The week prior t... read more The worst absolute worst place to ever buy a vehicle. The week prior to March 15, 2015, I began setting up an appointment with "Anthony / Tony" to test drive a car posted on the OfferUp site/app. On March 15 a Sunday I met with Tony and test drove the vehicle and questioned the obvious smell of antifreeze and the car was riding a little rough with a pull to the right. Tony assured me the antifreeze was a burn off and he would have his mechanic, Costy look the vehicle over to make sure it was ok. Once the papers were signed Tony told me I could not take the vehicle as he always has it double checked before it leaves the property. On Wednesday that week the 18th of March he finally returned my call to tell me the car needed a new tie rod and some other part. Both of which should be in and replaced by Friday. Friday came I had to wait as the car was not ready and was empty of gas. At this time Costy did my inspection WITHOUT my consent. He came out from the back told them I owed $35 for the inspection and I was free to go! I did not want them to do the inspection. I wanted to take it to MY SHOP WITH MY MECHANIC. This way I knew if it was rigged. Which it was. All the items that they check off 4 were bad and would not pass. I returned the car that Monday. The car full of gas, the gauge just fell to empty than floated back up. The RPMs remain at 1 when in park and float and rev on it's own. So much wrong with it. Costy calls me it's ready now Wednesday again. No it was not fixed. I almost slid into a guard rail as well. The alignment on the front was so bad when I replaced all the tires at Used Tire Warehouse in Wareham they fixed this alignment. Not even a month I have to replace and leave the car with mechanics. Three of the four tires had plugs all needed to be replaced. No buys a car for $5000 and pours $2000 into it immediately. The owner Salim "Sam" told me after wear and tear it is expected. I told him I had the car not even three days and it was back with him. I returned it 4 times and they couldn't find anything. I took it to my mechanic and before the machine for pressure was applied he told me "you definitely have a leak". Not 15 minutes later show me where it came from. He replaced it. I than took it to Kia of Dartmouth where Sam and Tony bought it, to do a recall from 2008, they noticed another leak from the manifold. I told Costy who told me he was quitting and that I'm not the first customer this happens to and he cannot take it anymore. This is not right. He told me, Jessika your a good person. The owner was now in Lebanon and Tony is forging titles with his name on them. I filed a small claims suit and now that it is the week of court, Salim takes off again out of the country. Stay the hell away from this place. Left me to tote my children in this ticking time bomb and refuse to refund my money. Other repairs required are in excess if $2000 and the fake warranty Tony made me pay $200 that covers "everything in the engine so they know you are protected the first 90 days". Well it doesn't cover ANY of these repairs. None, zero, zilch.

  • I was told about this place from a coworker who raved at his honesty a... read more I was told about this place from a coworker who raved at his honesty and technical knowledge. Also our vehicle maintainece guy also said he was good. I dropped my truck off to have a boched job that another place did, he had me straightened out in short order and the bill was reasonable. Definitley use them again!

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