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  • How to Make BioDiesel How to Make BioDiesel
    Biodiesel is a home made fuel for diesel engines. Biodiesel is made by taking organic oil and chemically altering it through the use of a catalyst and methanol.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles Alternative Fuel Vehicles
    Alternative fuel vehicles are automobiles and other vehicles that run on fuels other than traditional diesel or gasoline. Development of alternative fuel vehicles is on the rise as a result of fossil fuel taxes and changing environmental regulations...
  • How to Repair a Dent How to Repair a Dent
    There are three basic types of dent repair: (1) Do-It-Yourself method (2) Paintless Dent Repair (3) The Auto Body Shop. The best option to choose is based on how comfortable you are with doing your own repairs and the extent of the damage to your vehicl
  • Check Engine Light Check Engine Light
    We’ve all experienced the anxiety of the check engine light. You get in the car, put the key into the ignition, turn the switch and bring the engine to life, just as you’ve done thousands of times before.
  • Aggressive Driving Is Bad Aggressive Driving Is Bad
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states: aggressive driving occurs when: "an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property."
  • Automobile Window Tinting Automobile Window Tinting
    The prevention of overheating isn’t the only reason for window tinting. There are several reasons to tint your car's windows.
  • Tire Repair Tips Tire Repair Tips
    When tire maintenance is neglected, it can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Car tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road. Pay attention to the signs your tires give you. The leading cause of tire failure is under-inflation.
  • Tips For Choosing a Mechanic Tips For Choosing a Mechanic
    Finding a skilled automotive mechanic you trust can add years to the life of your vehicle. For many of us, the vehicle we drive every day is a considerable financial investment secondary in cost only to the roof over our heads.
  • How to Check Your Tire Pressure How to Check Your Tire Pressure
    Tire pressure is an important aspect of car maintenance. Keeping your tires at the recommended pressure will ensure better gas mileage, a smoother ride, a longer tire lifespan and less chances of tire failure.
  • Is It Time For a New Battery? Is It Time For a New Battery?
    The average lifespan of a battery is between three and five years. If your car is over three years old and still has the original battery it is probably time to purchase a new one.