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Gas Station Reviews in the Bethesda Area

  • Despite higher prices, not always getting the job done accurately (but... read more Despite higher prices, not always getting the job done accurately (but, we're all human), and negative reports from neighbors and friends, my family has been a regular customer of WOODLAWN AUTO CENTER for over thirty years and, because we were such longstanding, loyal customers, felt Chris, the owner, would always treat us fairly. I’m not one to complain, but after sending Chris this post to allow him the opportunity to rectify the situation and not getting a response, this last experience deserves a review for public knowledge. Several months ago my father brought his car in for a simple oil change and upon completion, the gas tank no longer functioned properly – the gauge read as close to empty and the tank allowed only 7 gallons of gasoline. My father brought his car in again and although Chris could not fix the problem, he charged for labor. ADDITIONALLY, while the car was in the care, custody, and control of Woodlawn Auto Center it was sideswiped. Chris ignored the fact that he should fix the dent and only offered to repair the window regulator, for which he also charged my dad labor costs. It's unacceptable to me that my dad had to pay for damage caused by Woodlawn Auto Center and it wasn't even a full repair of the damage. They were only willing to fix the functional damage they caused, not the cosmetic damage they caused, and had the audacity to make my father pay for it. According to USAA, not only should Woodlawn Auto Center have repaired the bodywork, but they should have provided my father with a rental car as well. I believe that my father, an extremely kind and tolerant elderly man, was taken advantage of and feel compelled to let the public know in order to help others avoid a similar experience.

  • Overall a great place to go. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. Tha... read more Overall a great place to go. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. That said, they WILL up-charge you signifcantly to change your engine and cabin air filter. The guy said that to change a cabin air filter, it takes 30 minutes to access the filter itself, thus necessitating a charge of $50 for parts and labor. I knew that was patently false, as it can be easily accessed on my vehicle (2013 Accord) through the glove compartment, which unhinges without any tools. I bought the same cabin air filter from NAPA auto parts for $15 and installed it myself. Essentially the same speech was given for the engine air filter, and I did the same thing. BLUF: Know about how much something should cost and how easy the job is to do it.

  • Friendly and efficient and reasonably priced! Thanks!

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