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Gas Station Reviews in the Pasadena Area

  • I will say, if you have time to hassle with the state inspector then I... read more I will say, if you have time to hassle with the state inspector then I will say by all means have your car inspected at this station. The guy is so unbelievably rude and obnoxious. I went to have my car inspected and he told me my windows were tinted and wanted to charge me $120 to have it removed. He was a bit flirty of which I told him off. Am not sure if the issue was the fact that I called him off on the flirty part or I tool the car to my regular mechanic to remove the tint, but he refused to re-inspect the windows. The 2nd time I went, he threw the paper at my face and said "that's your problem". I had to report him to the state troopers after being there 3 times with 3 different reading. He stated to me "my machine readings fluctuates". He lacks customer service. No curtesy. No etiquette and just plain nasty old man. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN OR RECOMMEND THIS PLACE NOT EVEN TO MY WORSE ENEMY.

  • JanereviewedRT 40 BP

    On Oct 30, 2013 I bought a 2010 Honda Insight from your company Car Fi... read more On Oct 30, 2013 I bought a 2010 Honda Insight from your company Car Finders of MD, for $10,747.00. Owner Mr. Corbitt told me that the car was in good shape and didn’t get into any major accident except a couple scratches on the rear end bumper. He insured me that the bumper will only cost around $600-$700 to fix the minor problem with me agreeing to pay $400. From outside, the problem was fixed along with the car passing the Maryland inspection from BP station located at 5612 Balt. National Pike. After I brought it to my trusted auto shop making sure everything working properly. According to Chao’s auto he told me that the muffler was touching the bumper and it was not safe to drive around in winter time. He suggested me to take the car into an auto body shop to inspect everything. After detail inspection, Han’s auto body shop stated that the car had been in a big impact from the rear end. The rear body panel needed to be replaced while the rear body needed to be fixed as well as the muffler that needed to be out so it wouldn’t touch the bumper to cause fire. In addition, the rear right wheel is now bended and needed to be replaced. The total cost of repair is $1800-$2000, and will need at least one week to be fixed. On Nov 14, 2013, I took the car back to BP Station where the car got inspection with MD state police automotive safety enforcement officers. They both agreed that the Honda insight should have not been passed the inspection. BP station is at fault due to they're negligence and very careless with inspection. Not only did Car Finder LLC fail to disclose the truth regarding the rear floor. BP station should do a better job to protect consumer right. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate Car Finder of MD, LLC and BP station share the responsibility and reimburse me the repair cost, with a total is $1800. I sent both company the certified letter on Nov 18 but both have no response. This is second approach before I go to small claim suit.

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