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Auto Reviews in the Ferndale Area

  • DiannereviewedMetro Tire Center

    5* doesn't do Metro Tire justice for a rating. Have followed Mike fro... read more 5* doesn't do Metro Tire justice for a rating. Have followed Mike from Auto Lab and wouldn't go any place else for car repairs. My entire family goes there. We find they are knowledgeable, personable and honest. His pricing appears to a little less than some repair shops when I checked around. Sometimes you have to wait a bit longer but that's because he is so busy most of the time. I highly recommend METRO TIRE!! Plus he warranties he work on most service!!

  • AVOIDreviewedMetro Tire Center

    Brought vehicle to Metro Tire for RIGHT FRONT humming. They replaced t... read more Brought vehicle to Metro Tire for RIGHT FRONT humming. They replaced the LEFT front wheel bearing (part 51388 for an 07 Trailblazer: $149 at AutoZone marked up to $321.85 at Metro Tire +116% other examples of severe mark up I could include). Left with my vehicle in same condition as it was brought in as and I spent $986.03 which included an oil change with no improvement in humming sound. To try and smooth this mistake over with me and to cover Metro Tire's incompetence he told me that in his 30 years of experience that THAT sound originates from the left side 90% of time, haha! Took to a reputable mechanic who looked over my receipt and I requested that he double check Metro Tires "repairs." for me. I was called by this mechanic who said I might want to come over and take some pictures of this "repair." Here is the rundown: 1- the outer tie rod DID NOT have the grease fitting installed 2- the left lower ball joint GREASE BOOT WAS PIERCED (see photo). These two will cause premature part failure 3- the ball joint boot will now allow water to get into it 4- the ball joint will need to be replaced 5- the reputable shop (not Metro Tire) said if I do nothing I can expect to replace the same ball joint in the future 6- the reputable shop installed the grease fittings on the tie rod and ball joint and greased parts that should have initially been greased. 7- the last discovery was seen while installing the grease fitting on the lower ball joint, FOR SOME REASON THE BALL JOINT WAS WELDED IN WITHOUT CONSULTING ME THAT THIS PERMANENT ALTERATION WOULD BE DONE TO MY VEHICLE. I was informed this is now a safety issue for me, especially on Michigan roads and my new mechanic was very concerned about this work and encouraged me to report this to the state as in his words "YOU GOT SCREWED." IT'S THESE TYPES OF REPAIRS THAT GIVE THIS BUSINESS IT'S BAD REPUTATION. Said he would repair the right hand side bearing for $500 CASH... The place I took it to fixed it for $281.64 out the door (not requesting cash) and my car is running as expected now and even fixed METRO TIRES HACK JOB properly without charge as a customer service.The grand total Metro Tire would have ended up charging me would have been nearly $1500 (minus oil change) since they don't have ANY idea how to diagnose your vehicle and are forcing me to pay for "guesses" and misdiagnosis and their incompetence to which the owner has no intention of refunding me a penny and said to take him to court and that I have no chance of winning. My mechanic said it would be a slam dunk!! CHECK PARTS PRICE ON AUTOZONE TO VERIFY HOW MUCH HE'S OVERCHARGING YOU!!! There also is a table that indicates how long a job is to take and this was overcharged as well per my new mechanic. MISDIAGNOSIS OF VEHICLE CONDITION, OVERCHARGED PARTS, OVERCHARGED LABOR, REQUESTS CASH TO AVOID PAYING TAXES ON BUSINESS INCOME, NO FACILITY REGISTRATION ON RECEIPT (state law requires it to be on receipt and the software used provides an option to hide this number from the customer which Metro Tire chooses to hide from you despite state law requiring him to do so). Owner always has this disgusting cream on his nose. FACILITY REGISTRATION NUMBER IS: F168042 Link to file your complaints to the Michigan Department of State Better Business Bureau has also been notified. I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT MIKE!!

  • Beware of entrapment lies and deceit may tell you one thing and do ano... read more Beware of entrapment lies and deceit may tell you one thing and do another and refuse to try to rectify the situation after the wrongdoing of their employees mistreating your customer should not be quality of a business smh crooked business workings crooked owner

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