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Auto Reviews in the Rockwood Area

  • I have been going to Livonia Auto Body and Repairs for years. We have ... read more I have been going to Livonia Auto Body and Repairs for years. We have been mostly pleased with the work up until today. Let me say that this car we have owned for most all of 13 years and have kept it in good operating condition with the help of a couple of different mechanics. The car had been running good though there was a coolant leak. It ran smooth with no missing or hesitation. It just had a coolant leak. Though it had a leak we kept on eye on it and never let the reservoir get low. The temp gauge did not go passed the normal position on the way over or at anytime , so it was not overheated on the trip over to Livonia Auto. Three days go by and I finally get a call from James, the owner telling me the car had no guts and I said I understood that its old but we keep up the maintenance on it and it runs good except for the coolant leak. He said it was the intake tubes and they were replaced. When I went to go pick it up and the wife got in to drive it home, once it was put in gear it stalled. Over and Over again....I said to James that it didnt do that before and he blew up and said sacasticly, OH, how come i knew that would come out of your mouth. I was taken back. James was just out of control and said to take the car and leave. "Don’t even pay for it", he said. I said, James, I didn’t say you did anything.... but I think he doth protest too much. I think during the diagnosis James being busy and since the shop was short handed with a few people on vacation, let the car running and it overheated, causing the problem. Hence his defensive response when I stated that the car had not done that before. It is almost unrunnable, it sputters at about 60mph and will not speed up much. It stalls at lights and has hardly any power. I have never been treated this poorly by anyone before and didn’t deserve to be treated like that today. Especially since I believe James is responsible for the condition of the car. OH for the record, I did pay the bill cause that’s who I am. BUT I WILL NOT GO BACK AGAIN. I have never been treated so disrespectfully and them trying to blame me and my wife for the current condition of the car after their (James) neglectful service which I believed caused the engine to overheat during the diagnosis. I can’t prove this but I know my cars and it was not running like this before. Also, we have had no offer to help in fixing this and they will not accept responsibility for the damage they incurred. They are NOT worth anyone’s time or YOUR car may experience the same neglect and damage and they will blame it on YOU!

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