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Auto Reviews in the Lakeville Area

  • SumanreviewedZiebart

    I don't think anybody should get tint-related job done there. Went the... read more I don't think anybody should get tint-related job done there. Went there to get my window tint removed. They spoiled the fm receiver on the rear window. If I switch on the rear window defogger, I can't listen to the radio. WTF!! Now I need to get this repaired! If they don't know how to do the job, why the hell do they do it! This is a pretty easy job and they screwed up. I wonder if they cant even fix more complicated stuffs. I saw many more bad reviews on other websites about their tint jobs. They must be really bad at it.If I could give it less than 1 star, I would.

  • LeannreviewedPark Service

    Absolutely wonderful service!! "Old school" treatment. Where honesty a... read more Absolutely wonderful service!! "Old school" treatment. Where honesty and integrity really matter! Had my tranny out and replaced in one day. All my vehicles will be serviced by these gentlemen from here on in. My hat off to Paul for his over the top concern. He answered all my questions with complete knowledge and no fluff. Even after numerous calls (which I felt, bugging him), he never let on that I was "wasting" his time. Also, I personally have never seen such a sparkling clean work area/shop. Everything in its place. Thanks guys, for all your help! LeAnn

  • I was all alone with no one around, or coming out of their warm homes ... read more I was all alone with no one around, or coming out of their warm homes to see what was the matter with the starting and stopping (turning over) on my car on a below -0, cold cold cold January night. It was around 10-10:30ish (pm) when, all of a sudden, my car stopped. I was like, "Nooooo this cannot happen to me on the very 1st below zero, windy-as-heck, crazy Minnesota weather night!". Heck no! I was in disbelief. I was gonna have to walk about 7 blocks to get to the nearest gas station, buy a gas can, get gas, and all because I either, ran out of gas, or, the fuel line froze from that crazy Minnesota night wind. So, I toughed it out and walked those super long blocks of North East Minneapolis. Over the tracks, I saw a filler station...Bobby & Steve's! Yes, let me get warm and then I'll tread back through the freezing cold 'b*tch-slap-ya' wind we, as Minnesotans, are all to familiar with. At the counter, after I warmed a little, there was a Bobby & Steve's employee being waited on. He, and another store employee, was commenting on driving in or being in a car with no heat in this weather. I joined in when the topic of the 'wind' was mentioned. I said, "Try walking about 7 blocks to get here, walking back 7 blocks to put gas in a car that won't and might not start, with the wind b*tch slapping you in the face every few seconds, now that's coming from a crazy person". I mean, come on, you have to be crazy or crazy enough to walk in the weather we experienced for the last week or so...right? Nose hairs freeze upon taking a deep breath thru the nose. Coughing because you took that deep breath. Coughing even more because you can't stop coughing due to the 1st cough! We all know that feeling, but factor in the 20 below zero wind chill. Anyway, this really nice guy...Chuck, helped me that night. He gave me a ride back to the car and put the gas in the car from his gas can. He was soon called to another stranded vehicle call and took it. I thanked him and he was off. My car

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