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  • I went in for a repair because I smelled gas when the car was shut off... read more I went in for a repair because I smelled gas when the car was shut off, but no leaking. I don't do rodeo stunts, hill hopping, or anything else crazy with the car except drive it in Kansas City traffic as they began to infer later. Nathan Parker is the Service Rep I dealt with. Nathan Parker was crude, rude, disrespectful and right down nasty at every turn. They did a code check and it came up with P0456 and a smoke test, and the only area of trouble they could see was the leaking around the O ring. (His faked notes said O ring, collar, and fuel pump, and that's just one bogus part of this whole nightmare.) O ring would need to be ordered and it would run about $340 but he said he could do better than that and eventually quoted $295 with a coupon. So why would you order just the O ring if the collar and fuel pump really needed to be ordered, too, unless he's lying about the details on the invoice? Nothing was said about any other part having a problem. He estimated that the car would be ready around 2pm on Tuesday, and I told him I could wait a little while and be late for work since I would be getting my car back that day and not have to wait any longer. He told me he would give me the loaner, all I would need to do is sign a paper and be on my way and see them Tuesday. He then didn't come back for a whole other hour. I finally went to the service area. He said he had been busy helping other customers more important than me! Really?! On Tuesday, I called him at 2 pm since he had not called me by that time. His first nasty remark was, "Shouldn't you be at work right now?" It was not said nicely and out of genuine concern, it was said like someone berating their child for not going to sleep on time. I was still nice and said I was willing to wait if the car would be ready soon. He said the car was fighting them getting the collar off because it had seized and that they would try soaking it in lubricants. So therefore, go to work and I would see them Wednesday since I

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