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Auto Reviews in the Sikeston Area

  • As a female, I don't typically know how to resolve an issue with my ve... read more As a female, I don't typically know how to resolve an issue with my vehicle other than to take it to a professional. So when my car started having issues overheating I took it to Norman's Radiator at the suggestion of my husband who had dealt with them previously. I was given a quote of ~$450 to "completely resolve my issue". I agreed and they commenced with the repair that included patching a crack in the radiator and a standard flush and refill. Less than three days later, I started having the exact same issue again. I took my vehicle back to the technician at Norman's Radiator who then told me that it looked like my water pump is what was actually causing my car to leak, and to fix the problem, it would cost me ~$175. So not only did this technician fail to "completely resolve my issue", it seems that he charged me a significant amount of money unnecessarily. After consulting a local mechanic who came into my workplace, he made me very aware of the wrong that was done to me and who knows how many other unsuspecting individuals. I'm sure there is an honest mechanic in the Cape Girardeau area, I just hope this article helps you to continue your search beyond Norman's Radiator.

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