My Mechanic Mobile App

Connecting car owners with their repair shop. A free mobile app for iOS and Android.


Vehicle maintenance at your fingertips.

Our mobile app takes the mystery out of vehicle repair and helps keep the car owner informed about their vehicle.

  • Real-time Diagnostics

    A tool for seeing important information about the status of the vehicle. The app provides real-time diagnostic information regarding the health of the vehicle, which helps the car owner stay informed and can prevent small issues from becoming costly repairs.

  • Service Reminders

    Using real-time vehicle miles, the app provides alerts and notifications when OEM level services are almost due or have become past due for the vehicle.

  • Service History

    When connected to a repair the mobile app shows the complete repair history of your vehicle from that shop. If you are not connected to a shop or go to another shop, you can easily add new services and track a complete service history for your vehicle. This a great way to keep track of your vehicle's history and an easy way to pass along the information if you were to ever sell the vehicle.

  • Approve & Decline Quotes

    App users can use the app to accept and decline quotes from their shop and can see a complete history of all their invoices.

  • Recalls

    Receive alerts when there is a new recall for your vehicle and get specific details about the recall.

  • Find a Mechanic

    If the app is not connected to a shop users may search the Mechanic Advisor directory of shops to find the best shop for their repair needs.

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