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Auto Reviews in the Brandon Area

  • Madison Motor Werks did a phenomenal job with my Mercedes. I came in f... read more Madison Motor Werks did a phenomenal job with my Mercedes. I came in for a fairly large repair on my Mercedes E350. They were super pleasant and very professional, plus the prices were appropriate and well below dealer rates. I have been so displeased with the dealer lately and was grateful to find this crew at MMW. Do not hesitate to give this shop a try.

  • DO NOT VISIT THESE GUYS!!! Before my last visit, I had a tranmission r... read more DO NOT VISIT THESE GUYS!!! Before my last visit, I had a tranmission rebuilt for a minivan I had. The service was quick and the work was done right. Other family members had use their services for transmission work as well. The last time I visited them it was insanity all the way around. I called two weeks ahead of time to see if I could bring my car in and when they could get to it; I was told to bring it in and it should take a week and about 2,000 to rebuild the tranmsission and do a timing belt. Thats when the fun started. After them having the car a week, I drove by where it dropped it off and it was still in the same awkard parking position. I called them and got NOTHING but excuses...this went on for a MONTH and a half. They either couldnt look at it, didnt look at it, someone was off of work, the parts were wrong, the parts were back ordered ect. I think I called them at least twice a week because no one would return my calls or keep me updated. FINALLY I call the guy I was talking to back and he said my car would be ready on thursday. I called late thursday and I get "oh...I meant to call sorry but we wrecked your car" I have never been so angry in my LIFE and I still am to this day. I took care of my car very well no lights on the dashboard no noises everything worked perfectly but the tranmission would slip a little between 2nd and 3rd gear. He proceeds to tell me if I put the fenders hood bumper headlights and hood on and paint them he would give me a discount. Sounds like some kind of fraud going on...instead of doing an insurance claim which he is supposed to have. Another week goes by and I get the car back..the check engine light is on now I ask him about it and he states they had problems wiring up the shift solenoids and the wires got crossed. At this point I needed my car back and couldnt afford to leave it anymore for him to fix. I get on the road to drive it and hear an awful scraping noise. I pull over to only find out my fender liner was left loose and rubbing the right front wheel. Also as I am driving the car has a bad vibration to it and feels like the rear of the car is trying to slide out like a rear wheel drive car would do if you lost traction. I also noted the belts were squealing very loudly.I get it to work finally and inspect it and the windshield as well as under the hood has overspray everywhere on the engine and headlights and tires. I had to clean all of this up, tighten the belts they left loose fix the fender liner and put a new idler pulley on it. My car was never right after that. Legal wise I couldnt afford a lawyer so I made do. Driving home that night I noted the transmission was doing the same thing it was when I brought it in there...slipping. The slipping got a little better with time and now its out of their stupid 6 month warranty and its gone out again..this time no shifting into overdrive and a delayed first gear. I wouldnt want ANYONE to take their car to these people. I dont know what changed with the company but they are horrible. Please steer clear of them.

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