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Auto Reviews in the Absecon Area

  • PLEASE LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS BELOW This is worst experiences ive ... read more PLEASE LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS BELOW This is worst experiences ive had with a detailer and quite possibly of any business. I asked to get my car ceramically coated - which they are NOT certified to do as i later found out. I also asked for swirl removal and a correction job on my rims from a concrete rash. Lets start with the rims - it was half assed, they did nothing to sand the scratches down and they basically covered it with paint that dosent even match the rim color. Looks like hell. They tell you all these things at first like, "im gonna use our best stuff for you" "were going to make sure its the best detail of your life" blah blah To start they did NOTHING to remove the swirl marks and the car looked exactly the same as when i gave it to them. They left tons of old wax from the job before all around the 5.0 logo which you can see in the pictures below. They didnt even bother to remove the license plate and do around there - they just did around it. When i brought that up he acted like it was no big deal (shows you how much pride they really take in their work) On to the ceramic job. When you do a ceramic coating youre supposed to strip everything off the paint and then coat with ceramic. i know multiple people that have had it done. First off they left old wax from a previous detail job which shows a pure lack of caring and effort (not to mention just not doing the job correctly). Then they put some water repellent on it instead of real ceramic coat. I had my car later fixed by an actual certified detailer and he confirmed it was the cheapest type of ceramic, basically nothing more than water repellent. Now lets move to how "professional" they are. Once i got the car i told owner that this wasnt the correct job and he proceeded to argue with me even though i can literally see swirl marks and the car looked nothing like other ceramic waxes ive seen done before. I sent him clear as day pictures and he actually says "they look fine". Take a look at the pictures below and tell me if anyone whos job is detailing cars would find this acceptable. For a shop that talks so much about having pride in their work i find this extremely ironic. He then proceeded to tell me "dont worry ill take care of you" however he refused to return calls from me for an entire week until i finally got ahold of him. He agreed to reimburse me back 250 for basically something i could have done myself. Told me it would be sent out as a check. Two weeks later i still have nothing and he refuses to answer my texts or calls. Finally we go in and he tells us "were full of shit" which for one is unprofessional and two, it proves he never sent the check. This shop is so full of shit in every possible way, ive never seen anything like it. We basically had to force him to give us our money back and he only gave me 200 instead of the 250 as originally agreed upon. So instead of just honoring his word the first time where everything would have been solved and i wouldnt even be writing this , he instead prefers to be cheap and save himself 50 dollars and try to just not pay us at all. So now im out 265 dollars for literally nothing and i had to spend more time to get an actual professional to do it. Feel free to respond to this if you want more detail and i can show you all photos vs when i actually had the job done so you can see this isnt "before" photos.

  • Debora reviewedCar Caress

    The service and the work performed was amazing. I will only use this ... read more The service and the work performed was amazing. I will only use this place for any detailing service that I will need in the future. The vehicle looked better than the day we purchased the vehicle. Very happy customer

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