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Auto Reviews in the Moriarty Area

  • Took my newly purchased clean/mint condition corvette to the Eubank lo... read more Took my newly purchased clean/mint condition corvette to the Eubank location to tint my windows. Its a 2 door coupe (100$ job) how hard can it be huh? These so called "professionals" scratched both my rear quarter panels and rear bumper cover (basically the area around the rear hatch glass they were working on and refused to take responsibility for the damage. Walter (the owner of all three locations in town) first told me his insurance would take care of it and to bring in an estimate. Turns out he was just jerking me around and decided that he wouldn't cover the damages that his employees caused to my vehicle! I got a variety of excuses ranging from we've never scratched a car in the past X years to well my employee couldn't have scratched it because he doesn't have anything sharp in his tool belt to accusing me of dropping off a scratched up car in the first place (which I just purchased and had witnesses and pictures showing it was spotless). Stay clear of this sleazy d----- %$#, better yet check out their complaints on the Better Business Bureau Website and let them speak for themselves.

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