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  • Just called up Brad's Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for my Ca... read more Just called up Brad's Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for my Car after I was referred to them by my Mother and her friend. The phone rang and was answered by a women saying "WHAT" I asked if this was Brad's Auto Repair to which she laughed, called me a dumb ass and hung up. I then thought obviously I dialed the wrong number because certainly no one would ever speak to a customer that way, called back the person on the other end kept hanging up on me??? I do NOT care what type of day someone is having to call someone a Dumb Ass because you are in a fowl mood is Neither Professional or call for. Needless to say I won't be taking my business to Brad's Auto Repair!!!

  • Lauriereviewed8 to 8 Auto Care

    Scam Alert!!! 8 to 8 Auto New Mexico Nightmare. My daughter and we'r... read more Scam Alert!!! 8 to 8 Auto New Mexico Nightmare. My daughter and we're traveling from California to Springfield, Illinois, for a World Horse Show in our Dodge dually 3500, with our loaded horse trailer. Our trip was fine until we got through Flagstaff; as we were leaving Flagstaff, our truck started to shimmy in the front end. It kept getting worse to the point where we could not keep driving it. Unfortunately, it was on a Sunday when everything was closed. We broke down in Stanley, New Mexico; thankfully, we could find a Horse Motel. The lovely people from the horse motel suggested taking the truck to 8 to 8 auto because I thought I might have lost a tire weight over the potholes in Flagstaff. I felt that my front end might need to be aligned. And they were the only ones with an alignment machine in town. When we showed up, Rebecca, the owner of 8 to 8, said she would help us. They pulled our front tires off and informed us they were way out of balance and that we needed six new tires. I asked,” why we need six new tires?”, She responded, ” you need six tires because the truck is a four-wheel drive and that if you replace one tire, you need to replace them all.” She was nice enough to give us a ride back to where our trailer and horse were while she went and got the tires and replaced them. When she returned from getting the tires, she called and told us, ” I got the tires mounted and balanced, but unfortunately, the tires aren't the only problem.” She continued saying, “your U-joint on your axel is bad, and I suggested that you do not drive it. It could possibly snap and make your truck flip over with your horse”. At that point, we asked, ”could you fix it in a day to get us back on the road?” We explained to her that we had a deadline of when we needed to get to the horse show. At that point, I called Dodge Corporate Office because my truck still has a warranty (my vehicle only has 21,000 miles and it’s a 2018). Dodge was willing to let her repair it as long as she took photographs because the nearest dodge dealership was located 45 minutes West In Albuquerque. We informed her to fix it and told her that we called Dodge and that they REQUIRED photographs. Once she found out Dodge was willing to fit the bill, She then called us back and told us that we had a bigger problem and that our rear differential needed to be repaired as well (this is not a job that could get us back on the road in a day). She picked me up to take me for a test drive to feel the back end shake after she had mounted all six tires. It was shaking so violently. I informed her, ”the rear-end shaking was new. Only the front end was shaking before.” She said,” maybe you didn’t feel it because of the horse trailer being on it.” Feeling it wasn’t safe to drive, l proceeded to find and pay a hauler to get my daughter and the horse to the horse show safely and on time over 1,000 miles away. I did not inform Rebecca at that time that I would be calling Dodge Corp about it. In the meantime, I did contact Dodge Corp to inform them that I would have the truck taken to them since it would take longer than a day to fix and since my truck is still under warranty, plus I just didn't understand why she kept saying more, and more things were wrong with my truck. I immediately called Rebecca after talking to Dodge Corp to inform her that the truck will be going to Dodge. The next morning I paid Rebecca for the six tires and asked her if it would be safe to drive the truck to dodge in Albuquerque. She said, “it’s fine to drive as long as you stayed under 50mph.” When I got to Melloy Dodge in Albuquerque, I went on a test drive with the service manager, Jason; he informed me that it felt like a tire issue in the rear. I told him that all the tires were brand new. He asked me, “why on earth would you change all six tires?” I informed him what Rabbeca had said. He was in complete shock, he said, ”that is incorrect. She would have been correct if it was all-wheel drive, but not for a four-wheel purpose.” However, when Jason asked Rebecca himself why she would change all six tires, she changed her story and told him, ”the rear tires were warped.”, which was not true based on what she told us when she first replaced them all. Dodge was kind enough to give me a rental truck to make it to my daughter's horse show with all of the equipment that she has to have to show. Jason called Rebecca to find out all that she had done and seen to make her think the differential and the axle U-joints needed to be repaired. And he asked for the photographs that she told us multiple times that she assured us she took of all the “issues.” Dodge didn’t have much to go off because none of it made sense to them, and she never sent them the photographs. So they went through the complete truck in entirety and found out that two of the tires she put on the rear were defective. They also took the bags she used to balance the tires out. And they balanced them with weights. The “new” tires she gave us were so defective that they had to get us two new ones on the rear and suggested to get all six replaced again with better tires after the show, but They told us that with the two they replaced, we would at least be able to get to the show and then get back home to Ca. They called me and assured me the truck was safe to drive. Long story short, I had to drive back to Albuquerque from Springfield, Illinois to pick up my truck and retrieve the trailer and then go BACK to Springfield to get the horse and my daughter to all just drive back to Ca (4,000 miles out of my way with tolls and fuel to miss the whole horse show). Instead of being able to watch and help my daughter at the horse show, I spent the whole time driving around dealing with all this. It was a complete disaster and nightmare. I feel it was all created by her and her company 8 to 8 Auto Care. I was put In danger, having to travel on my own, my daughter and horse had to go with people I personally didn’t know. All the extra expenses that were unnecessary. All 8 to 8 needed to do was what I had requested in the first place, balance the tires on the front or replace the two front tires. I truly feel that when she knew we were desperate and that dodge gave the green light for her to do the work under warranty, she took advantage and tried to milk us and dodge for every expensive thing she possibly could make up. She inserted fear into us by telling us that we could Flip over in the truck and trailer and completely took advantage of that fear. The day I picked up the car She finally sent me the photos that she told me before earlier that she never took. I called her out on it because she said to me before that she took lots of Photos. The day I picked up the truck (which is no help to anyone), she finally sent the images. I showed them to Jason, and he said, “of course she didn’t want to send these photos, there is nothing wrong with this truck other than it needing the two front tires that we fixed, you were scammed big time.” Dodge said, “if you need any help with her and what she's done to you, we are willing to help and step up to be a witness, and it’s horrible what she has done to you and your daughter and the extra stress on the horse and family.” Out of the kindness of dodges hearts, they covered my rental truck and the two replacement tires that generally would not have been covered under warranty. Stay away from 8 to 8 auto service.

  • You guys have taken such good care of me over the years. I know the Au... read more You guys have taken such good care of me over the years. I know the Audi is on her last legs and I so appreciate you calling me before putting a lot of time ($) into her at this point. I will be seeing you soon with the Porsche for his 30k checkup. It is so comforting (and rare) to be able to sincerely trust the mechanics working on your car. You guys are true professionals.

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