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Auto Reviews in the Conklingville Area

  • I dropped my classic 1979 F250 Crew Cab off at Midas at about 8:15am t... read more I dropped my classic 1979 F250 Crew Cab off at Midas at about 8:15am to get the brakes looked at. After 7 hours I was told that they didn't have the correct sized socket to complete the work which I was ok with. When I went back to pick up the truck I stalled it 2 times in their parking lot. I knew something was wrong immediately as the idle was all messed up. It was vibrating like crazy and on the verge of stalling. I live a half mile from Midas and stalled the truck another 5 times so I drove it right back to them. The tech that worked on my truck met me outside and said that he would take a look at it. When I walked inside the store the manager told me, "he had to go racing it". This statement made me sick. After sitting for a few minutes the tech drove my truck to the entrance and I got in the passenger seat. He told me that he turned up the idle. As we drove down the road I knew immediately that he was driving the truck to hard. As we moved down the road he couldn't get the shifter into 3rd gear so I grabbed it and shifted it up into 3rd for him. He stated, "oh, there it is." We continued down the road and got up to 60mph in the left lane (passing cars) when the tech said that it sounded good at 60. I then told him that 60MPH on the dash means 70MPH because of the size of the tires. I was pissed because I don't even drive this truck 65 on the Thruway. It's a really old truck. I asked him to pull over so that I could drive. As we started to move I stalled it again. The bottom line is that the tech beat up on my truck during his initial test drive. Then he tried to turn up the idle to fix the problems and it didn't work. It should be noted that when I got home I called Midas to speak to the manager. The tech answered the phone and he told me that the manager was outside and that he would call me back. It's been over 2 hours now and no return call. So I called corporate and they told me that the franchise owner would call me back within 24 or 48 hours. I hope he lives close so that I can pick him up in the truck and show him first hand what his shop has done. The question I keep asking myself is why did the tech test drive my truck if he never got around to fixing the brakes?

  • JodiereviewedCombs Automotive

    Just wanted to share my quick story...I was traveling from home (Rutla... read more Just wanted to share my quick story...I was traveling from home (Rutland, Vt) to my friend's house in Niskayuna, NY on Friday, August 8th. When I was 1 hour and ten minutes into my trip my car started to feel like there was some hesitation. Then I could smell that terrible rubber smell and I was like "seriously"? I pulled over at the Fire station just to check things out. Now I only checked the driver's side tire because of an incident that happened long ago with the caliper sticking. But nothing. So I continue on down the road and things aren't getting any better. I just happened to see a garage on my left with the doors open. I had driven by it and had gotten to my first light and suddenly I was up in smoke....Front passenger side. I pull over and I'm in panic mode. I have no one with me except my little dog and friends and family are an hour or so away. Now I am really anxious and panicky. I turn around and go back to this garage " Combs Automotive" . As soon as I walk in, I explain my story and I apologize that it is now 5 pm on a Friday and most people would be closing up shop to enjoy the weekend. But not Krissy and Chris. They took the time out to help me and "Big Red" (what I call my car) so that I would be able to continue my trip. Now I could have turned around and gone home but it was a pretty special weekend for me and a couple college girlfriends. So it was important for me to continue on. Chris did what he could at the time to get my car in working order and I was so grateful. Krissy kept me and my dog company in the nice cool office. After almost an hour, I was on my way and told them I would check in on Monday to see if they could fit me in to their schedule to replace the parts that had to be fixed completely. On Monday, I was told to come in around 3:30 pm. Given my OCD (lol) , I left Niskayuna at 2:15 pm so that I could get to Gansevoort early just in case parts had to be ordered. I rolled into Combs Automotive at 3 pm and I was on my way home at 4 pm. I know I said this was a quick story, but boasting about a great business should never be a quick story. I wanted to let all my friends know and Krissy and Chris to know that I appreciated the wonderful service I received and that you two are the friendliest people I have ever met in the auto repair service. I would recommend anyone in the area to choose your shop for service and to anyone who finds themselves in a pickle~ like me~ to stop and see you. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you again soon! (on better terms) LOL Sincerely, Jodi Gibeault Rutland, VT

  • Sharon reviewedCombs Automotive

    Quick, honest and reputable people to business with. I would send my M... read more Quick, honest and reputable people to business with. I would send my Mother there because I know she wouldn't be taken advantage of. Will definately do business with them in the future.

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