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Auto Reviews in the East Rochester Area

  • ChristosreviewedScottys Automotive Inc

    My son brought his 2012 Toyota Camry in for repair.I was told by a mec... read more My son brought his 2012 Toyota Camry in for repair.I was told by a mechanic from another repair shop via phone that it could be the starter or flywheel that connects to the starter and to bring it in. I was not sure from their reviews that they were reputable. After researching auto repair reviews this shop SCOTTY'S stood out with its excellent reviews. My son is a full time college student and p/t work and really doesn't have the finances for major repairs or a shop that is less than reputable. Mark at Scotty's was Fantastic and brought his vehicle in for a check up and found it to be a simple Battery issue. I then asked him about my Toyota Echo that i had issues with the locking mechanism on the drivers side and even tho he was hesitant he said he would take a look and do his best to repair. I ended up doing the repair myself and it worked out fine but he was willing to help out if needed. I can say without any convictions at 56 yrs old and i've seen a lot and been taken a lot with auto repair facility's in the past. Mark and the team at Scotty's have a very very reputable business and a great work ethic and put their customers ahead of absorbent and inflated profits I highly recommend them and . look for yourself as the reviews reflect the integrity of a shop.

  • After I purchased a BMW X3 from another dealer (Best Buy Auto Sales in... read more After I purchased a BMW X3 from another dealer (Best Buy Auto Sales in Newark) that turned out to be a lemon and had to go the Lemon Law route, i brought the car to GFS they claimed to be BMW experts and i didn't want to drive to Rochester as i live in Newark. Since April My car has been in their shop more then I have had it the first time it went n for a repair in was in the shop over 6 Weeks fr a repair that should have been a coupe of days then a second time for over 4 weeks! from day one My complaint was their lack of communication. They never quote you up front and are not quick about the repairs the last 3 times my car has been there the check engine light has come back on the same day i picked it up. Every time being another charge and another issue. If the repairs were legit and truly needed to be done why didn't they pick it up before what does the car always have another issue the d=same day i pick it up? I also took my car in for a replacement on a steering sensor and according to their paperwork would take 2.5 hours so they told me it would be 3-4 no problem so i brought my lap top came at 1 pm for my apt and sat their at 5 pm I asked how much longer and they stated it would be another hour or so. I then said i was going to have someone come pick me up and go to dinner and lock the Keys in the car and call me when its done. well after almost 2 more hours i didn't get a call so i went back to find the place was closed and only a mechanic or two was still in the shop and was told my car still wasn't done ( at this point its been almost 6.5 hours on a 2.5 hour job) i told them to have the owner call me. Well an hour later I get a call from Ken and he states he said he'd call when it was done and it wasn't so he didn't call he had no regard for the fact i needed my car. I explained I had a 1030 apt in the morning i couldn't miss. He said he would send someone for me so I could get my car in time. 10am rolls around the next day and No call from GFS so i book and Uber and go over i walk through the door and he states oh i was just going to call you at this point its about 10:45am and I've missed my meeting. I explained that i missed my meeting and had to pay$40 for a Uber never once did they offer to reimburse me. I wait another hour and my car is finally done. I got to get in the car and pull out CHECK ENGINE LIGHT again. this time a $1000 Water pump. I am done and will gladly take my car else where. They have built a beautiful building but what good is it if the people in it don't know what their doing. I unfortunately didn't go check the reviews of this place before but i can see my complaints have been expressed by others and expect the owner to have some explanation of why it isn't his fault as he always does! As of todays date 1/16/19 my car has had over $10,000 in repairs and is still not fixed!

  • Was forced to take owner to small claims court over faulty product ins... read more Was forced to take owner to small claims court over faulty product installed. Won judgment for full refund now dead beat owner won't pay. TV was for my 3 year old son. Thanks Bob and Auto Expressions for robbing a little boy!

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