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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Hyde Park Area

  • Campers Barn is not to be trusted. They are deceptive in their estima... read more Campers Barn is not to be trusted. They are deceptive in their estimates and charge for work that they did not do. In addition the work they do perform is very shoddy and the repairs did not last. Don't be fooled with there change in service managers. Everyone from the mechanics to top management are crooks. One lies and the other swears to it. It would be better to fine another place. If Camping World takes over this place and keeps the same people and practices, shame on Camping World. Heed my warning or you to will experience being cheated.

  • WARNING!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! Photo links of our RV after they complete... read more WARNING!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! Photo links of our RV after they completed their work. The above pictures are of our 2008 Winnebago View that I took to the Campers Barn for repairs after it was side swiped while parked. The pictures are of the COMPLETED $17,000 repair job the campers barn bodyshop did. The bodyshop manager Mike Kahle blamed the amazingly sub par quality workmanship on the Martin Senour paints & clear coat they used and on the humid weather. I was forced to take the RV 180 miles round trip back and have them make repairs to their original repairs. We had paid in full already so the urgency to please us was TOTALLY GONE. After 11 days of sitting in the yard they finally got our RV back in the shop. Mike promised a detail job because he had originally given the RV back to us in a fithly state. Unfortunately, Mike later told me the Campers Barn doesn't even have a detailer on staff! Yet, they advertise on their website that they offer professional detailing?! WTF guys? Mike said he'd "wipe down" our RV "as a courtesy". Gee really Mike? You'll "wipe down" our $70k RV after we just paid you $17k for repairs?! Wow, you're so kind and professional! NOT! After spending $17,000 they didn't even have the decency to wash the outside or even a quick sweep on the inside?! The service manager Chris Byron was aware of our problems. He didn't have the deceny to respond to my emails or get involved personally. Campers Barn workers use the bathrooms in the customers RVs too! No joke. Look at the photos I posted above of the human waste on our toilet. That was NOT there when I left the RV. That's how they gave our RV back to us... with employees crap on our toilet.

  • I brought my motor home to Camper Barn to repair the slide out. They t... read more I brought my motor home to Camper Barn to repair the slide out. They told me that it would require the the slide out be removed and the broken part on the slider arm be welded. When I picked it up it was raining heavily and I did not go over the work. The next day I looked it over carefully and saw that they did not remove the slide but just welded the broken piece in place. I brought it back and they said they did nit have to remove the slide but they had to push it in and then did the weld. This was a made up story as well. They charged me They charged me $1,400 for this repair. When I showed them that it couldn't have been repaired as they said they offered me a refund of $250. I took the refund even though I was still cheated alot. Well it is now 9 months later and after using the slide 5 times the armature welding job they did broke. I fixed it myself using a shouldered bolt and locking nuts for $5.50. It is now better than new. I have worked the slide 8 times and everything is great. The point is Campers Barn is a den of thieves. From the management down to the shoddy mechanics that they employ. One lies and the other swears to it. The best advise is to not bring your RV to this place. If you do you will be taken and hopefully writing a review to warn other people.

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