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Auto Reviews in the Port Chester Area

  • I had an accident on the Merritt, 250 miles from home in MD. (May 2016... read more I had an accident on the Merritt, 250 miles from home in MD. (May 2016)Front end damaged but driveable. Had it towed to 136 Auto for inspection and to see if I could drive it home. Bobby Sherman and Randy Gonzalez promptly inspected and proposed repairs promising superior repairs and excellent paint job to complete. They delivered. Paint match is exceptional. Looks like new. Repairs were only held up by parts availability. I was kept informed and adjusted my schedule to delivery dates. I highly recommend this shop.

  • I recently (May 2012) had my Honda 2001 4 dr Accord repaired here. The... read more I recently (May 2012) had my Honda 2001 4 dr Accord repaired here. There was almost $4000 damage to the rear bumper, rear RHS light, and quarter panel in an accident. Some misalignment on the trunk door. Marcell assured me that 2 or 3 weeks, and it would look like new! When the car was completed I was very happy. The welds were seamless, the paint job was spectacular (silver), and the car drives beautifully. One minor nit -- the original bumper protectors behind the rear wheels were missing (probably parts were unavailable), but I can live with that. So, 4 1/2 stars might be considered, but I will call it 5 stars. The car was beautifully cleaned when it was returned. I am very happy with their work. It took a little longer, but, Marcell told me that the first quarter panel ordered was not up to standards. I really appreciate that they strive for quality in their work.

  • PaulreviewedBaron Nissan

    We have a 2011 Nissan that was acting funny. It wasnt shifting smoothl... read more We have a 2011 Nissan that was acting funny. It wasnt shifting smoothly. We took it to a couple of local places but they told us that a dealer would be best because they had equipment to diagnose later model cars that were only available to dealers. I was really hesitant. We were new to the area and always stayed away from dealers because they usually charge more. We looked on line and found a local dealer, Baron Nissan, that had good reviews. None of those reviews were for service but what we could find said really good things about their sales department so we had the car towed there and crossed our fingers. We met Frank the service manager who was very nice. He asked what the car was doing and we told him/. We left it there overnight and he said he would call us the next day. He called about 11am on Friday and said the car was done. A little surpised that it was done so quickly I asked if they had found the problem. He said it was just a control module that had to be reset, no big deal. The way the other mechanics had made it sound we were braced for a huge repair bill. When we went to pick it up they told us that they had checked and our car was still under the Nissan powertrain warranty ( which we had no idea about) and the bill was nothing, no money at all. They told us they checked the car and we needed front brakes and an oil change ( which I knew). They gave me a fair price and we had them do the work. Frank didnt try to sell me anything I didnt need or want and they did the brakes and oil change while we waited. Has a chance to talk to Frank while we waited, he was just a nice guy who welcomed us to the neighborhood. We have bought a lot of cars in our life, definately not my first rodeo and I never,ever went back to a dealer for service as a rule they are too busy, pushy and over priced. I gotta say Frank at Baron Nissan is the exception. We are so glad we found them

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