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Auto Reviews in the Seaford Area

  • ShawnreviewedBritish Auto Works

    Great job on my 2013 Range Rover sport timing chain replacement

  • ElizabethreviewedMidas Seaford

    I will never return to this store. They made a mistake that led to dam... read more I will never return to this store. They made a mistake that led to damage to my car, and when I approached the manager about it, they denied any fault, tried to charge me to fix it, and had very poor customer service (and apparently mechanical skills). I visited this shop at the end of July for an oil change. That's it. That's the last time anyone has opened my hood and accessed my engine, and I keep my car locked so if anyone had tried I would have known. Fast forward to about 4 weeks later when my battery light came on. I drove it to the nearest auto shop, popped the hood to get my battery checked, and discovered that my oil cap to my engine was missing, and that I had no oil in my engine at all. The engine itself was covered in oil, and the top front of my hood was warped, likely from how hot the engine had gotten without oil in it. My battery and alternator had both been destroyed, likely from the oil being spilled on it, but of course I can't absolutely prove that. I approached the store about how they had forgotten to put my oil cap on and the manager said "no we didn't. There's no way your car would have lasted a month without an oil cap, at most 2 days. Any mechanic would agree with me." I told him that the mechanic last night had said it was entirely possible for it to have lasted a month, as had the other three mechanics I had called, and his response was "well they just want to bad mouth us." He refused to even consider this may have been their fault, and that they may have made a mistake, he refused to consider rectifying it, and said they would be more than happy to look at the car and fix the current problem, even though they didn't cause it, but I would be charged for it. Why would I bring my car back to a place that had messed up once already and refused to admit fault or make it right? I had to purchase new oil, a new oil cap, and pay to uber to work for a couple of days while it was fixed, not to mention the $500 for a new alternator and battery, and the cost to tow my car home when it died on the side of the road and to tow it to a mechanic. I can't prove that the missing oil cap caused the damage, but they were the last people to touch my car, and the oil cap was present before that. It's a gross negligence of their jobs, which could have been forgiven if they had been apologetic and tried to make it right, but they had no interest in doing that. The manager I spoke to had no people skills and poor customer service, and clearly aren't attentive to details.

  • EdgarreviewedBay Diagnostic

    Great customer service! I strongly recommend this shop, because they a... read more Great customer service! I strongly recommend this shop, because they are willing to go extra mile to address your issues..... So far fantastic experience. Thanks, Edgar Brooklyn, NY

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