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Auto Reviews in the Dublin Area

  • FayereviewedMidas Columbus

    I will never bring my suv to them again. They lied about what needed ... read more I will never bring my suv to them again. They lied about what needed to be done, and they also messed around with the axels towards the rear of the vehicle. Plus they over charge and lied about the amount I owed. This is the worst company in the world, I would suggest not going not even for an oil change. An single women beware because they will try and convenience you that your vehicle is falling apart. My last visit they tried to tell me that I needed stocks for the front of the vehicle. I went to the dealer ship and they said no way their is nothing wrong with the stocks. Midas is the worst.

  • KevinreviewedMidas Columbus

    These guys are liars and crooks! I took my car in for a simple oil ... read more These guys are liars and crooks! I took my car in for a simple oil change with a tire rotation. They told me I need to have all of my brakes and rotors and calipers replaced for $800.00. By the way, they did this 2 years ago when I went in for an oil change. 2 years ago, my buddy and I reaplced the back brakes because we heard something wrong. The oil change was literally 6 months later when they told me the brakes needed to be redone. So my 6 month old brakes needed to be replaced. This time, I obviously knew better so told them to put my car back together and not to touch anything. Well, my buddy and I got the brakes and rotors at Advanced Auto parts who apparantly sells some parts to Midas. So I took the car there because I was within the warranty period on the back brakes. They said they looked good, but because Midas was a client of theirs and recommended replacement, they would warranty the parts out. We replaced both the front and rear brakes yesterday and I took the parts back to Advanced to get reimbursed. They said there was literally nothing wrong with them as did my friend. He also suggested that their particular store has stopped doing business with Midas because of these practices. As a kicker, I did have Midas replace the fronts about 5 years ago (which I negotiated about $100 off the price they quoted) and when I went in for that first oil change they told me I needed all new brakes. I reminded them they had just done the fronts about a year ago and they said, oh yeah just the backs need to be replaced. This time they said the calipers needed to be replaced and when I questioned them they said they just needed to be cleaned. This place will lie, cheat, and take advantage of you at any opportunity. Also, note that when they guarantee brake pads for life, brake pads are $25....they do not give free service to put them on so you will still pay another $100 for the service fee and deal with all of the above telling you all

  • Matt reviewedMidas Columbus

    My Sister-in Law is a new driver. She got her very first flat tire to... read more My Sister-in Law is a new driver. She got her very first flat tire today. She had her vehicle towed to your service station. John was the mechanic that she was working with. He originally qouted her $248.00 for one tire to be replaced. After being questioned about the price he lowerd it to $168.00. The cost of the tire was $125.00 including their mark up. She told me that they where charging her a $45.00 fee for mount and balanace which is a $10.00 charge at most service centers. I asked the service writer if he could simply put a spare on to get her to work for now. He said no that the service oder had been signed and even though they had not started working on the vehicle that they are going to do the work no matter what I wanted. I instructed the person I was speakeing with to take the vehicle out of the bay and he agreed and then he hung up. he told my sister-in law that I said to just go ahead with the work. After I called the store again I insisted that they remove her car from the bay and they agreed. The service writed talked her in to letting them put a spare tire on for $45.00. This company has taken advantage of my sister in law because they saw a young girl that did not know any better. I can not belive that a business is still practiced this way. It is a shame that a company that is this big would still have the nerve to rip off a young girl.

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