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Auto Reviews in the Powell Area

  • JeffreviewedMidas Pickerington

    2 years of a belt issue with power steering going out from first visit... read more 2 years of a belt issue with power steering going out from first visit, replaced everything under hood associated with belts, thousands of dollars on daughter's car, 7 invoices with power steering being primary problem, new belts, water pump, alternator, battery, all power steering hoses, with the last thing replaced being the power steering pump! I guess after replacing everything else there wasn't much of a choice but the pump, that was the issue from first visit, through the remaining visits! Mangers refusing to accept any responsibility of making a bad decision.. I could go into much detail but given the forum I'm on I won't.. beware! Will try to pull every dollar possible from your wallet, they did cut one bill in half where the power steering HOSES were replaced. 20 year old daughter picked her car up, I was always the one interacting with manager, she was brought into the problem in front of customers with the manger attacking me and the amount of time he had to spend on the phone.. just a horrible experience from beginning to end, from water pump to power steering pump, btw they replaced the steering pump with a rebuilt one without my knowledge? Opened hood and bright orange sticker! In fairness I called the national customer center and the district manager, who I'd had conversations with in past, was instructed to refund the cost of the power steering pump, nothing else, curious? If the pump had been replaced to begin with, would all the other work been needed? Thousands of my daughters money been spent? But they refunded for the steering pump that was the primary problem to begin with.. I'll never return..

  • JoshreviewedMidas Grove City

    I have been to this shop for years, it recently changed management and... read more I have been to this shop for years, it recently changed management and only went downhill. I took my vehicle in for strut repair, an unrelated transmission gasket repair and an oil change. My main complaint was my car was shaking on acceleration/deceleration. 24 hours after they said my car would be complete and $1600 later, my car is shaking on acceleration, deceleration and idle. They put in the wrong weight of oil but "graciously" changed it again without charging me again. When I communicated my frustration I got an empty apology and an offer for a free oil change in three months. Between the poor communication of when to expect repairs to be completed and the shoddy work, I would recommend people avoid this shop.

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