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Gas Station Reviews in the Marlow Area

  • SusieQreviewedHop and Sack

    May 05,2015. On my way to work. Verified that the Hop and Sack at 11... read more May 05,2015. On my way to work. Verified that the Hop and Sack at 118 NE Rogers Lane, Lawton, OK has the fuel pumps where I could use my credit card so I could get gas quickly and be on my way to work. They did and everything went smoothly as planned UNTIL the fuel pump machine tells me the clerk INSIDE has my receipt. WHAT? What good is a automatic self-serve machine if I have to waste my time and go inside so I can now wait in line to get ask a cashier to give me a receipt. I asked if their machines always did that. The clerk tells me that it is out of paper outside at the machine. Really! Just how long has it been out of paper? If your company figures that they can save money by not filling the machines with paper and that people won't want to waste their time walking inside and waiting in line and they will just drive off. Well, I can guarantee you one thing. After I got my receipt, I will certainly drive off and never come back! Their are other businesses that do stock paper in their self-service fuel pumps and I will be going to them!

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