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Battery drain 1999 Yamaha Yzfr6mc

Motorcycle Model: 1999 Yamaha Yzfr6mc Submitted on April 20, 2019


Basically what is happening is that the battery drains while driving. 
Here is a breakdown: 

1. The stator is aftermarket but producing sufficient voltage. Swapped last summer. 
2. Regulator/rectifier is OEM and also swapped last summer. 
3. Battery is a 12v 7AH aftermarket, but almost new. 
4. The battery only drains while driving and not from standing stationary for a while, hence i dont think there is any parasitic drain. 
5. All the cable connectors are looking good, no melting or any clearly visible damage. 
6. I have installed heated grips and a phone charger, heated grips draining under 4 amps, phone charger is a couple amps, but even with these + headlights turned off, i still run out. 
7. I had a mechanic look at the charging system and he said it was fine (clearly not since i ran out when i got home, also i think he just simply checked voltage @ 5k RPM) 

Any ideas?? I'm going to do a complete test of everything including the cables later today, but any ideas that could save me from unnecessary work is much appreciated

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