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squeaking brakes and gas petal.

Location: Miami, OK Submitted on June 2, 2012

Miami, OK

my breake and gas petals make a squeaking noise while i am driving.

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  • steve
    Pompano Beach, FL
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    as far as gas pedal goes get some throttle cleaner and spray out the throttle body with the car off ,pull off snorkel and spray throttle let sit for a few minutes then start vehicle and let idle for a while. Do not spray anything on brakes, you probably have a glaze on your rotors and need to burn the glaze off ,travel around 40 mph and push on the brake pedel while maintaing the speed with the other foot and you will burn the glaze off. only do it for a few seconds,
    Posted on June 06, 2012
    • Jamie
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      Try spraying wd-40 on all the pivot points...
      Posted on June 02, 2012

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