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won't crank over. but head lights and interior lights work 2000 Plymouth Neon

Car Model: 2000 Plymouth Neon
Location: Boerne, TX Submitted on February 7, 2017

Boerne, TX

Newly replaced motor. With 140,000 miles. Everything else is brand new on vehicle when it comes to motor type area(s) of repairing duties.

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  • Douglas
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    Ensure the following items are properly installed and in good condition
    1. Positive battery lead to starter motor
    2. Positive control lead to starter solenoid
    3. Starter relay firmly installed in relay box
    4. Ensure battery has sufficient voltage and no leaks or corroded terminals, if you have a multimeter measure the drop in voltage across the battery terminals when the ignition is engaged. If the voltage drops below 9v with an audible click of the solenoid, then the battery needs charging or replacing. If no drop occurs and/or no audible click of the solenoid then there is an electrical fault with the starter system.
    Posted on February 19, 2017

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