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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Loris Area

  • Dear RVers! Please stay away from this company! They are dishonest pe... read more Dear RVers! Please stay away from this company! They are dishonest people! We had a horrible experience. Would give this company zero stars if I could. We were in Myrtle beach KOA campground Monday till Sunday. I needed to replace pads in my brakes in RV. So I called ABC mobile and auto repair company and asked if they could fix my brakes. They said that they can, and I happily made and appointment for Wednesday. I made sure we have an extra time, in case they will need to order some parts. I waited for them the whole Wednesday, but they didn't show up. When we called, they said that technician got stuck on another job. Thursday they didn't come either. At the end of Thursday, when we called, they said that they will come for sure Friday 8am. 10:05 they still didn't come and my husband gave them a call.. they said that someone will come out shortly. Around 10:30 am 2 guys di show up. They removed both front wheels, said that we need new pads. So I asked them if they have pads with them , they said no, and no one has it today, they will have to order it, a d maybe they will be able to change it either Saturday or Sunday. Then they put our wheels back and said that the have to pay them $400 for the service. I was shocked! I said that I will pay as soon as my brakes will be fixed. When they realized that I am not paying them until they will finish their job, they started calling someone. 10 min later another guy(probably owner), showed up. He started screaming at me and told me that since I refuse to pay, he is calling police and they will arrest me :) And he did! 16 min later police arrived. 3 cars! Police officer first spoke to the guys from ABC repair company and the approached us. They asked me to tell them the while story. Also they asked if I was notified that regardless of if they will do the job or now, I ill have to pay a service call fee. I said that I never heard about it. After that police officers disappeared. 15 min later they came back with Myrtle beach KOA campground manager. This lady was very rude, saying, that since I don't want to pay to this repair company, I have to leave her campground immediately. If within hours we will not leave the campground, we will get arrested, and KOA will not reimburse us for the rest of the stay, and on top of the we cannot come back to this park for 1 year. When I asked police officers if that's legal, they said that it is private property and they don't have any jurisdiction here. If they want to kick us out, police cannot stop them. So bottom line, not only we didn't get our brakes fixed, we also lost $250, which paid till Sunday, and we had to find another park to stay for a weekend and pay for the days we already paid. We are RVing for more then 10 years, and never had such experience before. PLEASE, for your own sake, do t even get close to this company, don't let them touch your RV!

  • This man was AWESOME! I broke down on vacation/ single mother with fou... read more This man was AWESOME! I broke down on vacation/ single mother with four/ yes 1,2,3, FOUR KIDS! He came by the hotel to get the key instead of force no me to drag my kids in a taxi all over town to meet him- and then made room in his schedule to fix the car that day/ and towed the car back to the restaurant where the kids and I were having dinner so I again didn't have to drag kids around in taxi or walk! His prices were fair, he was honest, and up front- no hidden prices in the end- I would highly recommend him to EVERYONE OR ANYONE in the myrtle beach area! Mary Scearse

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