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  • Michael
    Bellevue, NE
    What's your opinion?
    Had the frunt end done on f250. Upper and lower ball joints and staring gear box and more. Over 5g later and few months gear box goes out. They replace and almost month later goes out again. All that ...
    2004 Ford F-350 | answers (0)
  • Thomas
    My truck was involved in an accident about 2-1/2 years ago, it was parked and the person who hit it was doing about 40 miles per hour, he hit the left front wheel with so much force he bent the wheel ...
    2005 Ford F-250 | answers (0)
  • Cathy
    Could a broken transmission be due to driver driving it in 4 wheel drive on pavement which resulted in having to replace the drive shaft.
    2019 Ford f350 | answers (0)
  • drake
    i have a 2013 chevy silverado hybrid could i put straight pipes on it or would it hurt my truck or hurt my gas mileage
    2012 Chevy Silverado | answers (0)
  • Tonya
    Aurora, CO
    Steering column removal
    How do you go about removing the linkage rod from the steering column.  The rod is held in place with a hard rubber bushing but I can not pry it apart.  Then of corse reversely, how do you get it back...
    2000 Dodge Ram | answers (0)
  • Michael
    Lake Jackson, TX
    Do I need to remove my timing belt in order to rep...
    The engine is a 3.9L FI OHV. The cam shafts are not in the way of me removing the heads so does removing the timing belt serve any other purpose?
    2003 Dodge Dakota | answers (0)
  • Vanessa
    Albany, MO
    Nonworking rear tail light signal.
    All bulbs are changed, ans fuses are ok as well. Brake light, n turn signal r on the same bulb as Tail light. How can I Find, Diagnose and Repair a possible electrical short or problem with the ground...
    2001 Chevy S10 Pickup | answers (0)
  • Debra
    Brake line
    I need a rear brake line on the left side repair. And my head lights need replace and the plastic cover that goes over it.
    2000 Chevy Silverado | answers (0)
  • Shawn
    Tooele, UT
    79 bronco transmission
    Estimate on C4 to AOD swap
    1979 Ford F-100 | answers (0)
  • Shawn
    Tooele, UT
    79 Bronco
    C4 swap with AOD
    1979 Ford F-100 | answers (0)