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  • 11-18 -19 My car over heated. Stan, who is a lair and a cheat, told me... read more 11-18 -19 My car over heated. Stan, who is a lair and a cheat, told me it was a thermostat. So I greed to have them fix it. Then Stan called claiming the water pump was bad and it is easier to replace the timing belt at this time so I agreed. While they changed the timing belt they mistimed the engine and destroyed it. They bought a replacement engine a “ salvaged” long block. No telling how many mile is on it! I asked that they put the parts I paid for on the salvaged engine. Almost ONE month later, 12-16-19 after repeated calls made by me I was able to pick up my car. I presented the rental car bill and Stan, who is a lair and a cheat said the owner will send me a check, but my car broke after 10 minutes of driving. They tried to claimed it was the exhaust not the engine but eventually cleared the problem. I asked Stan who is a lair and a cheat, if the new parts are on my car and he said no, but I’m going to warranty it for 3yrs 36k miles prorated. Next morning the engine light came on so I took it to the dealer it was there for 3 days while repairing the wiring and sensors that weren’t wired correctly and install missing bolts on the engine! To date my car has still overheated 2X I have exhaust fumes in the cab and most importantly I have not been reimbursed for the rental car and don’t have the parts I paid for.

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