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Auto Reviews in the Kemah Area

  • Standley's Auto repaired my brakes for a great price and did it in a t... read more Standley's Auto repaired my brakes for a great price and did it in a timely fashion. We are very pleased with his services and pricing.

  • I was very depressed and asked if I could go through my truck to get s... read more I was very depressed and asked if I could go through my truck to get some work stuff. He said OK. As I was sitting there I noticed the install manual for my tuner. I read the directions and began following the upload instructions and guess what, my truck cranked right up. They had not installed the program. I told the Dealership Service Manager and he said they had not touched it and I could take it. So, I drove my truck home. I spoke to Discount the next day and told them I would be by to discuss my bill. I met the owner at Discount and he gave me a bill for over 550 dollars. He had charged me for 6.875 hours!!!!! Discount had my truck for over 48 hours and didn't fix or finish the install. In addition most of what was installed was incorrect and I had to have redone. When I told the owner it was excessive, he said that was the recommended install time from his expert. He insisted we call his expert so I could see that was a fair price. On the speaker phone his expert (the same guy I bought my equipment from.. lol) told us it should take approx 2.5 to 3 hrs for someone who is not mechanically inclined to complete, about 1.5 to 2 hours for a shade tree mechanic to finish and .5 to 1.5 for a good mechanic or someone who does installs everyday. I told the owner I would pay what we agreed upon before I had brought my truck in, 3 hrs. This was and is way more than what "his" expert said it should have taken. The owner said I was to pay the full bill or he was going to call the cops. I told him I would wait right here. The owner said no I had to leave. 2 hours later cops called me, I told them the story, and they said it was a civil matter. I recommend you do not use this company. There are several other options in Crosby that even the worst would be 100 times better than Discount Car Wash. FYI my truck is running great. I have increased from 13.4 MPG to 16.2 in less than 5 days and expect more.. Good luck, Ryan

  • Incompetent, unprofessional, discourteous & untrustworthy I recentl... read more Incompetent, unprofessional, discourteous & untrustworthy I recently bought a 2008 F 250 from Friendly Ford in Crosby. I wanted to improve MPG so I bought a tuner, exhaust and intake. I called Discount Car Wash, Crosby to verify that they could do the job. The Discount Service manager said it wouldn't be a problem. I took my truck and had the parts along with the instruction / installation manuals sent to Discount Car Wash to do the install. I took the day (Wednesday) off and gave my truck to Discount at their open, 8am. I told them I was taking the day off so they would have plenty of time to do the install because I had to have my truck back for work the next day. I didn't receive a call letting me know there was a problem until 4:30pm saying that they couldn't get my truck to start. At 6:30 they gave up and told me that it would have to go to the dealer. I got a ride to Discount about 6:45. I noticed all my parts were loaded in the back of my truck like it was all done. I asked why it had taken 10.5 hours to figure out they had a problem. The Service manager admitted he had only worked on it "off and on" throughout the day. The owner then started pushing me to take my non-running truck with me and "settle up". The owner of Discount said they would hot-wire my truck and I could drive it to the dealer myself. I might not be very smart, but I figure if I give you a running truck with no problems, I expect to be returned a running truck with no problems when you’re done. So, the Discount owner said he would be in early at 7am the next day to get my truck over to the dealer. I arrived at Discount about 7:05 am. The owner showed up after 8am. Discount hot wired my truck and took it to the dealership to be fixed. The Dealer was unable to get to my truck and told me it would have to be looked at the next day. I got a ride to the dealership that night and spoke to the dealer Service manager. He informed me it sounded like it might be the tuner I had installed.

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