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Auto Reviews in the Leander Area

  • I have been a customer at Don’s Auto for 15-20 years. On Dec. 15, my c... read more I have been a customer at Don’s Auto for 15-20 years. On Dec. 15, my car had a breakdown which required a multi-day, multi-thousand dollar repair. Don could not complete this huge repair before his shop closed for winter break between Christmas and New Year’s. I considered going to another shop, but a friend had agreed to loan me a car, so I Ieft my car at Don’s while he was closed. I anticipated that it would be first-in-line for service when he opened on Jan. 2. Don’s shop was swamped when he reopened on the 2nd and he chose to service other customers ahead of me. On Jan. 8 I had to return the loaned car and get a rental. I sent an email, Don replied and explained his policy: “In the time that removing, dismantling, assembling and reinstalling this engine requires, we could keep 15-20 other cars on the road.” I replied and literally begged Don to work on my car. Don defended his policy but agreed to start work on my car the next day. I should have left it at that, but in my reply I unfortunately used the words “It’s not right” in reference to his prioritizing other customers ahead of me. Don wrote back that he was reassembling my car and I could pick it up to take it to another shop. I drove the 25 miles into town to speak to Don personally, so he could hear my voice when I said that I wasn’t accusing him of being unethical. (Don is very ethical, but I believe he is wrong about the issue of prioritizing and that he has problems with communication.) I even apologized to Don, not because I thought I was wrong, but because I felt sorry for him seeing the state that he was in. He was locked in his own world and determined to show me that he would not deal with a customer who said that he did things that weren’t right. On Jan. 10, after waiting since before Christmas for Don to work on my car, I had my car towed to another shop. Don did not charge me anything.

  • JohnreviewedMr Cool Radiator

    Driving down N. Lamar one afternooon i happened to stop at the gas sta... read more Driving down N. Lamar one afternooon i happened to stop at the gas station on Lamar and sagebrush to get a drink and refuel. When i tried to restart my car the starter failed and wouldnt turn over to start my engine. i managed to get the car started which turned out to be the last time and just happpened to turn right onto sagebrush. right in front of mr cool shop my car engine failed which i concluded was a battery issue.......The owner of the shop Chuck Dyiess was in the lot and questioned me when he noticed i needed help.He looked my vechile over and concluded and informed me that a new starter was my fix. When i saw te price of $145 for a new starter my heart sank.I couldnt afford the parts living paycheck to paycheck. What a great time for this to happen.......Chuck treated me like he had known me for 20 yrs and informed me that he had a solution.......Chuck rebuilt my starter had me back on thr road inless than 1 hr for les than $45 !!!!! he saved me $100 treated me like family and made me feeel like he was geniunly concerned about my problem and helped me the best he could.i would tell anyone, that at mrcool radiator the customer needs are top priority and the world wouldd be a better place with more people like Chuck around..... Thanks Mrcool!!!

  • I went to the Firestone on Clock Tower on Sunday, June 29, 2014, to re... read more I went to the Firestone on Clock Tower on Sunday, June 29, 2014, to repair a flat tire. After waiting several hours I was informed the tire was not repairable and I would need to purchase a new tire. I was asked to wait while they looked at the other tires and was soon told I needed to purchase two new tires. I was also informed that I had lifetime alignment and after the tires where installed the alignment would be complete. I ended up at the Firestone from approximately 2pm until 5:10 pm but the alignment was not completed. I told the location I had a 6pm appointment and could not be late. You would think 3 hours is adequate time to aligned and replace tires after they informed me I needed two new tires. I was told to come back later and the alignment would be handled. On Wednesday, I had work done at the VW Dealership and was informed the two obviously new tires were installed incorrectly: instead of being placed on the same side (driver side) they should have been placed opposite each other for even wear. The dealership strongly recommended I go back and have the people that sold me and installed the tires do it correctly. When I said it was done at Firestone, the dealer's service technician was shocked that the work was done so poorly. On Thursday, July 3, I called the Firestone on Clock Tower and asked about their availability to fix the problems caused by their work on Sunday. I was warned the work may take 2.5 hours. I agreed to the time and went in at 1:06pm. After waiting 2.5 hours, I was told they could not rotate the new tires from the driver's side to the back because I purchased directional tires. That the location of the tires was put in that location because it was easiest for the technician (he did not have to take off all four tires) and the alignment should have been done on Sunday. I am surprised that a location that has the posted quote on honesty being a key to doing business would give the excuse of doing what is easiest for the technician and not best for the vehicle, tires, or the consumer. I convinced the service manager that perhaps because I purchased the tires based on the recommendation of his store, he should figure out how to get the tires in the best location for the vehicle and for tire wear. After waiting until 4pm, I was informed the key to my wheel lock was stripped. Okay -- lucky for me I keep the spare. Although it does make me wonder what they were doing to my car between 1:06 and 4pm. After the tires were rotated, I was given the, in the service manager's mind, great deal of $20 off the alignment. Funny, because the guy on Sunday told me it was included with the work. I paid the additional $65ish amount. Happy to be free of the misery that is Firestone Clock Tower, only to get into my car with the oily fingerprints on the inside doorhandle, brakehandle, and passenger seat. Wonderful! Just wonderful. When I called to report this additional issue and got the laughing Peggy on the line - she would not listen to my issue. I lost my cool - I think I kept it as long as I could but 4+ hours on Sunday, 4+ hours today, and over $350 later, all I have to show for my "flat tire" is an extreme hassle, two new tires that I truly doubt I need, and dirty car upholstery. I called the corporate office and was transferred by Angie Jones to the front office so that I could file a complaint with Consumer Tire Affairs. I was on hold for over 33 minutes before I gave up and disconnected the call. I guess that is the way Firestone treats customers.

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