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Motorcycle Reviews in the Porter Area

  • After 2 months in the service department at ProPowersports of Conroe, ... read more After 2 months in the service department at ProPowersports of Conroe, I was finally able to pick up my 2009 Kawasaki Ninja last night. Aside from the fact that it took far too long for them to fix my bike, and apart from the fact that their service management is the world’s worst about not returning phone calls and keeping the customer updated on the repair status, there are other reasons I will never do business with this company again. Less than a month before I took the bike to them on July 20th, I had replaced all the fairings and other body panels with brand-new parts and new fasteners. There were no scratches or chips in any of these when I dropped the bike off, and now, there are multiple scratches and paint chipped off of just about every panel on the bike. In addition, at some point during the 2 months the bike was in their shop, it also picked up two new dents in the gas tank as well as a couple of new scratches. Several of the fasteners were also missing, including almost every fastener that holds the lower cowl piece to the side panels. I noticed before I even got home that the left turn signal did not work. Upon further examination, it was apparent that someone had “borrowed” the bulb out of the front blinker and didn’t bother to replace it. Additionally, the instrument panel lights no longer work on the bike, either. The fitment of the body panels between one another is shoddy at best and nowhere near as well-installed as it was when I put them on back in June. To add insult to injury, the new stainless steel socket-head bolts that hold the side panels to the gas tank had been swapped for screws that were yellow-zinc coated and not even the same f-ing thread pattern! I am also missing my frame sliders that I installed brand new in June when I installed the new body panels. The mounting hardware is still on the bike, albeit in the wrong position, but the pegs themselves are missing. I left a voice mail with the service department the n

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