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Recent Reviews in the Texas City Area
  • Michael reviewedClassic Lube Inc

    BEWARE! Hell, they even make Walmart's Lube Center look great! ... read more BEWARE! Hell, they even make Walmart's Lube Center look great! I went to Classic Lube in League City this morning to have lube oil and filter done on my truck. This is supposed to come with checking and topping off all fluids, Lubricating the truck (11 fittings on the front end and 1 on one of the universals in the rear drive shaft, which I told him about) draining and refilling the oil and replacing the oil filter, checking the air pressure in the tires (which I told him I wanted at 75PSI all around, he said their compressor would even do 60 PSI). This in what was done and the fees for it. Full service oil change 31.99+ 42.45 oil completed (they say) Oil filter 3.00 extra completed (special filter they said) check lights checked (they kept them on the entire time) Vacuum Interior completed (never done) Wash Exterior Windows completed (never done) Tire Pressure F35 R35 (Really? never done) Air Filter checked (never done) Breather filter N/A (they got that one right) Washer filled added (they did add but not fill ) Brake Fluid checked (didn't touch) Power Steering Fluid checked (didn't touch) Battery checked (didn't touch either of them) Coolant checked (didn't touch) Trans/transaxle checked (didn't touch) Chassis Lube 00 fittings (There are 12. Told him that) Check Wiper Blades checked (didn't touch) Rear Differential checked (didn't touch) Front Differential checked (didn't touch) Transfer Case Fluid checked (didn't touch) Plus consumables supplies fee 3.99 (what was used, nothing) Tax 7.19 (guessing the 31.99 for labor, they said is taxable too) TOTAL $88.62 I paid almost $90.00 for an oil change, oil filter and about a half gallon of window washer. When he closed the hood he said the power steering fluid and brake fluid were old and needed to be changed. First, I had 4 calipers, rotors and pads put on last October when a brake line blew and second I had a power steering pump and hoses replace when the pulley came off last August. They can't even do a routine service correctly so why would I allow them to do anything to the two most important systems on my truck. This is also why I didn't have them service my transmission and change the fluids in my transfer case and the differentials. This shop is why auto and truck techs have a bad name. Why is it that no one wants to do their job right and get a way with doing as little as possible. If you have a job, do it and do it RIGHT! That is called pride in your work. If you don't like your job, still do it right until you find one you do like or LEAVE it! It is a reflection of YOU! I turned wrenches for over 30 years, running shops for most of that time, and NEVER gave the customer less than they expected. NEVER. I hate having someone else service my truck because I know all the tricks and short cuts. I had MANY customers follow me from one garage to the next when I changed jobs because of the SERVICE I gave them, no matter how far away it was. I will NEVER return to this shop again.

  • My skid control light came on on my 2014 Mercedes. Did not want to go ... read more My skid control light came on on my 2014 Mercedes. Did not want to go to the Dealer so the local auto parts store in Webster recommended Gulf Coast Auto. I called them and scheduled an appointment, Wow nice shop, good crew and no run-around. Turns out wit was no biggy, in and out in less then a day for a fair price.

  • These guys came recommended by a friend. Come to find out they are a m... read more These guys came recommended by a friend. Come to find out they are a mix of old school wizards and new tech gamers. I brought my 2014 F250 Diesel in for a performance issue that the local Ford Dealer could not figure out. They plug in a laptop, danced on some keys and remap my entire engine computer with a Ford update? Next thing you know I am out the door with no further issues. I was actually very impressed, I did not say a thing, paid the bill and left. Truck runs great. Is this what auto repair has come to? These guys did not even open the hood. I am an engineer, I cant hang with these guys, man have things changed.

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