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Gas Station Reviews in the Waxahachie Area

  • CassidyreviewedLowetech Auto Service

    LoweTech was the first place I took my car in Arlington in January 201... read more LoweTech was the first place I took my car in Arlington in January 2015 and they completed the job. They are closed all weekend, which caused me to be without a car longer than expected, but that's understandable and I knew that going in. Just expect it. I've personally only met 2 of the brothers. One, a larger gentleman with a little longer hair, has his good days and bad days it seems. He certainly has some customer service skills. The thinner, somewhat older looking brother (who did the work on my car) acted as if I was a burden by being there. The price was fair, but when I asked questions about the work to be done the issue with the vehicle was not really explained, and any questions I had were responded to with one two word answers. I don't feel they did it intentionally, however I left without a full understanding of why the damage had occurred, what could be done to prevent it, or how to tell if any other issues were present. They seemed honest, and it was affordable. However, I don't think they have very good human relations skills, and I would have loved to have known what exactly was wrong with my car and how it occurred. Short of being rude myself, I did everything I could to pull it out of them. Recently, the owners posted a response to this review on another reviewing site. The response not only refuted what I said, but never addressed me directly to rectify the situation. This response illustrates what I experienced at the shop. I would have been receptive to a direct response and would have likely amended my review, as I believe in second chances. Where they are located is loaded with mechanics (just down the street is a much better shop - see my other reviews) so you would think they would try to do something to set themselves apart from the places around them by offering a more customer friendly experience.

  • took my van back due to major oil was covered under their war... read more took my van back due to major oil was covered under their warranty, however they managed to find another problem that cost me additional 184..after having the vehicle for 3 days, drive vehicle home with oil light flashing.. so i take it back and now they want to charge me another 60 for diagnostics .. i was really hoping i found a honest mechanic that stood behind their work, guess i need to keep looking. they want to nickel and dime me due to the cost they had to eat for the warranty work.. Howard even told me it was a shame he had to eat the cost of this...

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