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Boat Reviews in the Salt Lake City Area

  • BrianreviewedDicks Boat Shop

    3 days ago Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Br... read more 3 days ago Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Brian V 18 hours ago Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value Screwed and assaulted by dicks boat shop owner! Plus scam alert! I'm a 100 % disabled Marine Corps veteran. Please heed my warning I always tell the truth Even if I had done something wrong I would tell on my self. It's a honor thing. motor ran well when dropped off. Said they did work that they didn't do, And I have documentation to prove it was done just over a month before they received it for a sticky Handel problem. Brought a motor in for a Handel adjustment cause it was just a little stiff. The whole thing was freshly rebuilt by a engine shop a little over a month before I dropped it off with only 30 min of usage during that time. It ran well just has a stiff throttle Handel. I was never called to be told the problem. A little over three weeks later I called and was told it was a follower and a fuel pump due to being very worn. I just had a new fuel pump insatelled carburator rebuilt and tuned up. And new lines put in witch I have paid bills for. They said they would look deeper into and call me back Another week and a half goes by. They never called me back. I called them and they told me they the newly rebuilt carburator was broken and they tried to GLUE it . Also told me they did all the work that was just done by the engine shop! I went in to talk to them per their request. I was taken into the back. Where they completely Tron down my carb and half the intake with out any other approval . Then they told me that they had found the problem a broken carburator part witch they tried to glue back together. I told them they where liars and cheats They broke parts torn things apart and glued things all with out any notification. I told them I was taking what was left of my things and I was going to leave. I went to the motor and started to unhook it from the stand. Then the owner ran over grabbed the motor and me as I was trying to pick it up and turn around to leave. Then I was hit repeatedly with and engine stand Cutting my hand and made a dark bruise on my leg. I tried walking to my car with my motor and he began pushing and hitting me leaving several large scraps a cut and more bruises and at times almost knocking me over while carrying my heavy motor. I finally made to my car after being hit about 20 times and shoved and pushed as I was carrying my property out of their place leaving multiple scraps cuts and bruises. As I was loading it in my car they ran out with a gun case and started to unzip it. Super scary!! I then jumped in my car a left as fast as fast as I could drove to the police station and made a police report. Stay away from this place. They lie cheat and steal. Say the did work they didn't do and say things are broken that where not. I urge you to look at the other one star reviews. There is a history or lieing agrassive actions And Charging for work they didn't do over and over. They normally tear down motors with out permission and the try to force the customer to pay or leave there property or take it in parts because they won't put it back together unless you pay them to. Horrible horrible place. I will never return and you should steer clear! Charges are currently under review by the District attorney 1

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