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  • ShannonreviewedDirt Parts

    To whom it may concern, I was notified by email on 08/17/2015 that ... read more To whom it may concern, I was notified by email on 08/17/2015 that my order had been marked as shipped. I waited a week before inquiring about a tracking number, and when I did I was ensured that the item had been shipped and that it was in transit to me. Upon sending a second email requesting the tracking information(or if there actually was any), someone checked with your shipping warehouse and they insured them that this item has been shipped, was in transit, and that I would receive tracking information by the next morning(08/27/15) at the latest. I waited until noon and still hadnt received the tracking info. Upon sending a third email, the tracking information was suddenly uploaded to ebay. However, this tracking information shows that the shipping order was not even initiated and submitted to UPS until 08/26/2015 7:49 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS. That severely contradicts what I was ensured by your personel and shipping dept. What gives? Im surprised that you are still in business if this is how things run on a daily basis. I paid you on 08/16/2015 but you didnt ship the order for a total of 9 business days(even though you said you had). Sincerely a dissatisfied & non-returning customer,

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