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Auto Reviews in the McLean Area

  • This is one of my favorite places in Lake Ridge. Today Adam helped pro... read more This is one of my favorite places in Lake Ridge. Today Adam helped prove why. He repaired my hopeless WHEELBARROW TIRE in less than 20 minutes! I am back in home yard business and Lake Ridge Auto has come through once again!!! Love this place!!! Mary N. Occoquan, VA

  • OanhreviewedTint Doctor

    AWFUL experience with this tint place. But from the looks of his comeb... read more AWFUL experience with this tint place. But from the looks of his comebacks to other reviews. He will have some EXCUSE. My husband Justin wanted to get his tint done for his Buick. The first time we scheduled an appt was a month ago for 2 PM. When we get there a bit early for our appt, we are informed they won't be ready for us until 2:30. (Okay that's fine, we can go to McDs and come back.) We get there before 2:30 and waiting a couple minutes AFTER 2:30. We decide to leave. He calls us and tells us he is done now when we are already going home so we decline their service. My husband decides to RESCHEDULE his appt for 9AM today. WHICH I hated cause of the previous experience but I go anyways. I get there before 9 and a man gets into a red car that I GLANCE says TAG and TITLE, points at THAT shop and asks me if I need help. I tell him no. Come to find out Tint Doctor sign says they don't open until 10..... I call the store #s cause I don't get how you can make an appt before the store hours!!!! after calling and LVM and finally reach the SAME man that drove away. He tells me he works for both stores by "himself." He has awful customer service. Tells me it is not that big of deal, claims his appt schedule must be out of wack, WAS NOT AWARE HE EVEN HAD AN APPT FOR 9, constantly over talks me, incapable of having a conversation, where there was no point in talking to him. So I left. So be aware when you have an appt with them!!

  • The price of the vehicle I purchased changed (increased $300.42 by his... read more The price of the vehicle I purchased changed (increased $300.42 by his wife ) from the agreed upon original vehicle price I made with Mr. M--- after I signed and closed the bill of sale with him. This increase affected the amount financed. When I brought this matter to the attention of Salim (his wife) , she stated that the finance company was charging me the $300.42 for not paying cash and because they were financing the balance of the sell for me. I contacted the financial institution WL and the representative stated that their company does not charge such a fee. The finance company was concerned that bogus information was being given to customer. I immediate called the salesman and his wife. I left a message for the wife. I spoke to M---- who stated that this fee was the Ameri-Benz doc fee. I told him I had already been billed a doc fee of $29.00. He told me to contact his wife, who will not return my calls. I have been calling the salesman and his wife since 3/2/2016 (made my concern known on 3/1/16) to date. I have called the dealership twice to try to resolve this matter to obtain a refund for the erroneous fees she assessed me. I have placed 7 telephone calls collectively to the owner and to his wife (who prepared the loan papers) and to date neither of them will return my telephone call.

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