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Boat Reviews in the Moneta Area

  • CharlesreviewedC and L Marine

    Robbie Ward My boat would cut off as soon as I put it into gear. This ... read more Robbie Ward My boat would cut off as soon as I put it into gear. This is what I asked them to fix. There has already been an ongoing issue with water getting into the engine for several years yet they could not determine why. Suddenly, they figured out it was because it was a cracked head gasket. I told him to go ahead and fix everything on the boat including blower, horn, and nav lights. All safety issues!!! They called and said all on the boat was fixed! I put the boat in the water... no blower, no horn, no NAV lights, as soon as I gave it gas (when I got out of the no wake zone) the boat cut off and repeatedly did that until I got to my dock. Then, the boat would not start at all. No power, nothing. They said it was because I have a stretch throttle cable which Swanson replaced two years ago with a used one when he told me he was going to put a new one in it... they came back to the house twice and finally got it working. Asked Swanson to at least look fix blower.... supposedly fixed the blower while they were there and but they never even touched it!!! I called and complained to the secretary who said oh that’s got to be fixed immediately I’ll have Swanson call you. Never heard word back. Called Swanson today and he told me that I never asked him to fix the blower it wasn’t on the work order. Liar ??

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