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  • Joereviewedpitstop services

    STAY AWAY!!!! Was going to get brakes done but he offered to install ... read more STAY AWAY!!!! Was going to get brakes done but he offered to install brakes from a totally different make and model that "should work fine" Wanted money up front and there is no way those parts would fit or even bolt up to the car.

  • We call 30+ boat repair shops in the area to get our boat fixed in tim... read more We call 30+ boat repair shops in the area to get our boat fixed in time for Memorial Day weekend and Grizzard was BY FAR the most responsive and then were the only ones that went out of their way to get us a quote, get us the parts that we needed and ensured that we were taken care of. Carlton was in constant communication with us, gave us an option to spend less money on a new propeller, and offered impeccable customer service. To say that we are pleased with the level of service we received would be an understatement -- we are over the moon. Thank you, Carlton and Grizzard Repair. We will be recommending you guys to everyone we know!

  • On February 5th I took a 2005 Subaru Outback Llbean to B automotive fo... read more On February 5th I took a 2005 Subaru Outback Llbean to B automotive for a pre inspection. I was given an estimate of the repairs needed. At NO TIME did I mention or complain it had a rough idle. At NO TIME or in the report was it mentioned or NOTED that vehicle had a rough idle. Vehicle was brought to B Automotive driving smoothly. No rough idle in DRIVE, NEUTRAL, OR PARK. vehicle continued to drive smooth and quiet upon delivery to AUTO BRAKE for several repairs. On 2/19/2019 1....replace front sway bar links 2....replace oil cooler 3....owner brought 6 qts. Oil, Subaru air filter, Subaru oil filter 4....replace axel assembly Rob called on 2/19/2019 Vehicle stayed overnight because of the Axel assembly repair Rob informed me needed replacing and I asked it be kept inside per owner request. Gave the go ahead for Axel repair. Britney called 2/20/2019 to say vehicle was ready. I asked for total. I ask her to please place vehicle inside overnight. 2/21/2019 came to pick up vehicle at 8am Rob checked me out. He said, "That is a nice car, I drove it, it drives smooth, no noises, no rattling. Can I ask how much you paid for it"? I told him $4,500. He explained to me about the valve cover gasket and how it did not need to be done at this time. My vehicle was pulled out of the bay and was running when I got in. I drove away and got to the corner of Ave.J and Swells Pt. Rd. LESS THAN 1/2 block .....and notice it was vibrating and idling very rough in DRIVE when I stopped. I thought it was cold and continued to drive to the stop light at little creek rd. And noticed it was obviously NOT Idling as it was when I dropped the vehicle off to AUTO BRAKE on 2/19/2019 or from the first day I drove this vehicle. From the first day I went to test drive this vehicle it ran quietly and idled smoothly in drive without having to put in neutral. That's what sold me on it. It was quiet and smooth. I drove to Ocean View to completely allow it to warm up. It made no difference. The only way I Could get it to idle smoothly was to put the vehicle in NEUTRAL. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY UNTIL I DROVE AWAY FROM AUTO BRAKE after repairs were done on 2/20/2019 I could not return that day because of a previous appointment. The following morning I had to care for my 87 year old mother. As soon as I finished with my mother I came straight to Auto Brake. TIME APPROXIMATELY 12:30 The bay door was open....I called out for Morgan. He was sitting on a stool at the computer. I ask him ( TO BE SURE I WAS TALKING TO THE CORRECT PERSON). Was he the one who worked on my vehicle? AND.... I ASKED NICELY!!!!!!!!!...Morgan said "Yes" I explained to Morgan that as soon as I drove away to the corner of the street ...less than 1/2 block I notice the rough idle. I ASKED Morgan could he please check the oil filter to see if maybe it's loose. Loose hose? But something was wrong. He became angry and said. "yeah, yeah I hear this everyday. It wasn't doing this and now something is wrong." I followed him to my vehicle. I notice Rob was across the parking lot talking with 2 people. Morgan opened the hood and AGGRESSIVELY grabbed the air filter housing and shook it. Morgan said, "See, it's tight there is nothing wrong with it". Morgan walked away and Rob walked up. He said "What's wrong"? I explained to him exactly what i explained to Morgan. Rob got in and said, "Yes, I see what you are talking about." I told Rob I did not appreciate Morgan AGGRESSIVELY YANKING on the oil filter housing. Rob grabbed it and said. "All he did was pull on it like this." And Rob pulled on it. But not like Morgan did. Rob said. "I saw what Morgan did." No, Rob could not have seen what Morgan did because he was across the parking lot talking to 2 people. He came over AFTER Morgan AGGRESSIVELY yanked on oil filter housing. I told Rob....."I did not accuse Morgan of doing anything wrong. I simply told him exactly what was going on and asked him would he please look at it. I reaffirmed IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS WHEN I BROUGHT IT TO YOU! I said,,,"Rob, I just spent $500 DON'T I have the right to ask you to recheck it"? Rob said, "When you are unhappy with your hamburger do you go around the counter and complain to the cook"? "You should have come to me. I told Rob I did Not know I was not allowed to speak to Morgan. I told Rob I did not appreciate the way Morgan treated my vehicle when he yanked on the oil filter. I apologized to Rob that he and Morgan had become so angry and defensive, but I just spent $470.00 plus $25 in cookies made. I felt I had every right to come back and see if maybe something was loose from the work. Rob told me to bring it back on Monday. I returned home and called Rob to AGAIN apologize that I had upset he and Morgan . I told Rob my professional relationship with them was important to me. I called to speak to Morgan and also wanted to tell him I was not accusing him of anything.....I SIMPLY ASKED HIM TO CHECK MY VEHICLE. THE bottom line is this: My 2005 Subaru Outback was brought to AUTO BRAKE running smoothly, quietly, and properly. Idling smoothly in DRIVE..... Not having to shove it up in NEUTRAL!!!!! There were no idle issues when I purchased the vehicle There were no idle issues reported or NOTED when Brian at B Automotive Did a pre sale inspection. COULD something have happened from the time I drove out of the parking lot at Auto Brake to the end of Ave J and Swells pt. rd....... Less than a 30 second drive......NOT LIKELY. It's less than a 1/2 block and a 30 second drive They refused to fix it and refused to refund any money for someone' to fix it. Stay away... Morgan and Rob are not mechanics ...they Can change wiper blades is all. STATE POLICE SHUT THEM DOWN FRAUDULENT INSPECTIONS PUT USED PARTS ON CAR . TOLD OWNER THEY WERE NEW RUN RUN RUN FROME THESE PEOPLE. THE OWNER CRAIG CASPER LAUGHED AT ME WHEN I TRIED TO TALK TO HIM THEY RIP MANY WOMEN OFF. Charged my aunt $45 to put on wipers

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