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Auto Reviews in the Virginia Beach Area

  • Kim reviewedD and D Automotive

    I rode around for days, my car kept cutting off on me and would be str... read more I rode around for days, my car kept cutting off on me and would be stranded on side the road. I called the dealer to see if they could tell me what the problem was and they advised me to bring the car in so they could look at it. BUT, also was told that they could not tell me anything without the car acting up. So I rode around for another month, praying not to break down on side the road - but I did. I was recommended to D & D Automotive. I called, made an appointment and took my car down to the shop. The owner diagnosed my vehicle and told me in less than thirty minutes, that my throttle body had gone in my vehicle. He ordered the part and my vehicle was up and running in less than 2 days! I would recommend this company to anyone!! VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

  • My car took twice as long as I was originally told. This is understand... read more My car took twice as long as I was originally told. This is understandable because it was only an estimate. But after seeing the work they had done for the time spent on the car was unbelievable. My car sat disassembled for nearly a week. The body work was done on the rear of the car (took 2 days) but the front remained untouched for 2 weeks. The total time spent on the car was over 2 months. When I finally got my car back the bumper did not fit right. They tried to pass it off on me by saying that's how it’s supposed to look. There were scratches in the NEW and OLD paint (scratches were on the roof where no damage was done...) that were not there before going in the shop. The painter missed the entire bottom half of the bumper's clear coat! After some debate a new bumper was ordered, and fit much better. The paint on the second bumper again had scratches and had missing clear coat. After it was repainted everything seemed to be fine with the car. 3 months later I find sensors that were never put back where they were supposed to be. As for the customer service, the manager is rude uncooperative and cussed at me on more than 1 occasion. He went back on what he said multiple times, told me that I lied to him, and talks to me like I am a piece of dirt. The front desk ladies are kind of helpful; they don't really know what’s going on but get enough information to answer your questions. Based on the quality of the body work, paint and customer service I would NEVER recommend anyone to go to this place.

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