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  • ArtreviewedComrie RV

    Comrie RV Review 2017-19-05 New Winnebago 5th Wheel In January of... read more Comrie RV Review 2017-19-05 New Winnebago 5th Wheel In January of 2016 my wife and I purchased a new Winnebago from Comrie RV in Hermiston, Oregon. The sales rep was very nice and anxious to sale. Once the sale was completed everything changed. I had some custom work done, adding in extra LEDs, Solar Power, and Four new 6 Volt batteries. Each time I brought our Winnebago in I had to clean up after the mess they made and on occasion repair the damages they had done during the upgrades, maintenances, or repairs. Whenever I reported the damages and mess that was left behind they always had an excuse or denied the incident completely. It wasn’t until a year and a half after the sale that we decided never to return to Comrie RV again, this because of a very traumatic event involving there repair man Mike. In March of 2017 we took our trailer in for a routine De-Winterization. We received a call stating that two of our newly added 6 Volt batteries had frozen through the winter and busted leaking acid throughout the front storage compartment due to some faulty wiring and winterization on their part. It took some arguing and investigation with them before it was determined that the batteries were connected wrong so they were not charging properly, furthermore when they winterized it the tech turned the 110 power off making it unable to charge when I plugged it in during the winter months. In May 2017 we were finally able to pick our Winnebago up from them, so we thought. When I arrived the first time I did my walk through and checks of the camper, learning from my prior experiences with them and their lack of quality care. As I did this I found that they had replaced the batteries however did not clean up the battery acid in the bottom of the compartment. The paint was eaten away and the metal had become rusted. I should have been surprised but I wasn’t, I just ask the office personnel to have it cleaned up and repaired. The tech, Mike showed up and when informed you could see he was upset about having to do this. They ask me to leave the camper for another week so they could do the work and also informed me they wanted to check my water heater because the tech had ran it during service without first making sure the pump and water heater was ready to run, they were concerned they had burned it up. I returned the next week after receiving another call informing me they were finished. When I again did my check I found that they had left the battery area the same and did not clean up the acid or repair the damages in this area, I also found that my 50 Watt Plug was missing and theirs was in its place instead. I returned their plug and I informed them that the acid was left and the repairs were not done. I was told that they could do the cleanup and repairs however they would have to charge me for the work. I told them this didn’t make since because the damages were due to their errors in workmanship. They reiterated that it would still cost me for the repairs. Disgusted, I ask what had happened to my plug and they could not find it, furthermore they denied switching them out. I ask them then how did theirs get switched out with mine, they had no response. I went to check the camper in other areas, thinking they had maybe put it in a different spot after using it and I couldn’t get into the cab because the lock was jammed. I went back to the office and when I informed them of this, the tech Mike came out and started yelling at me over the jammed lock. After getting it unlocked by jamming his key in it, he began yelling at me in front of other customers and one of the owners. He started cursing and threatening me not to return because he had done enough work on our trailer for the year. After he left I ask the owner if they were going to allow this kind of behavior and was told yes, that it was just that he was under a lot stress and work load. I then talked to the other owner and was brushed off in a similar way. This service tech still works there to this day. My wife and I have always tried to give the benefit of understanding to each event, which is why we continued to go back however after it became obvious they didn’t care about the service portion of the business and when we were publicly humiliated it was then that we decided to never return to Comrie RV again.

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