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Recent Reviews in the Grant Area
  • EvanreviewedPalm Bay Marina

    In 1 year and 7 visits,I spent $2700.00 to get my Yamaha 40 going. I ... read more In 1 year and 7 visits,I spent $2700.00 to get my Yamaha 40 going. I was sent out 5 times with only idle and no power. The carb job was done poorly and caused lean running conditions and overheated the pistons. I now have low compression. Palm Bay Marina says it is my fault. Fuel lines left loose, carb pump spring turned sideways, impeller came apart and damaged housing amd shaft seal. Water now in the lower unit. Terrible repair quality and they will not stand behind their work. Stay away

  • Todd reviewedRays Outboards INC

    I brought my 2012 Evinrude E-TEC in for service after sucking sand int... read more I brought my 2012 Evinrude E-TEC in for service after sucking sand into the water pump. I requested the installation of a water pressure gauge to help me keep an eye on this important system. The staff at Ray's treated me fairly and professionally and let me know the cost (estimated) of the work to be done before I signed their work order. I received a call from Ray's within 36 hours telling me my boat was ready to be picked up. I was pleased to see the gauge in my dash. I wondered how Ray's was going to get it in the only available spot but somehow he did and it looked great, like it was factory installed. The staff told me how to monitor the new gauge and what water pressures were "Normal" for my E-TEC at various speeds. We went to the Office and I was again pleased to see the bill for their services was actually less then their estimate. They explained since my E-TEC was so new it was easy to work on (no corrosion!) and the water pump replacement was easier then expected - saving them time and saving me money! Nice. I paid the bill and walked outside to find the staff had hooked my trailer to my truck. Wow. Nice touch guys! I towed the boat home and noticed it seemed to tow much easier then usual so after I parked the rig in my yard I gave the trailer a good once over. I couldn't see anything different so I called Ray's and they said they simply filled the tires to the correct pressure and greased the wheel bearings for me. I had no idea tire pressure made such a big difference - I really don't check the tires, ever. Thanks again, Ray's! Like they say in the movies: "I'll be back!"

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