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Recent Reviews in the Pekin Area
  • KarlreviewedSpeed Lube

    Don't go there if you value your car. I went in for an oil change an... read more Don't go there if you value your car. I went in for an oil change and they drained my transmission fluid by mistake. They didn't even replace it. The transmission started slipping as soon as I drove away. I brought it right back and they denied and told me to see a mechanic. They said they only pulled the dipstick. This is a Toyota with a rock solid transmission that has never slipped or leaked. I barely got home. My mechanic said not to move it and came to me. He confirmed there was no fluid in it anymore. It took 5 quarts and did not leak after he filled it. I asked for my money back and they refused giving me some nonsense about having to see a "tamper seal". Hmm. Why would there be a tamper seal if they only pulled the dipstick? Could have cost me a lot for a new transmission and probably took years off the life of my vehicle.

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