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Meet the Mechanic

  • Tim Marsh
  • Title: Owner
  • From: Charlotte, NC
  • Age: 49
  • Experience: 35 years


ASE Master Technician

Advice Provided

Daniel | Charlotte, NC
Category: Cars
ABS-light on, pump/motor

The ABS warning light came on and pump/motor runs continuously even when car turned off. I pulled fuse to shut it off. Is there a solenoid or relay that controls the ABS motor? Any suggestions as ...

Answers (2)
Mitch | Monroe, NC
Category: Motorcycles
Down shifting

When the bike gets hot down shifting gets hard. Almost have to stomp the shifter. Clutch has been adjusted and fluid level is good. Any suggestions ?

Answers (3)
Lawrence | Mount Ulla, NC
Category: Cars
stopped moving

i can put the trans in any gear and it never changes the motor idle. was going down innerstate and the trans kicked down a gear becaus losing speed. van came to a complete stop. pulled hub caps off ...

Answers (2)
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