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  • k
    Golden, CO
    replaced fuel, and filter still will not start every time. code on dash says "no bus" tried to reset c.m also
    answers (2)
  • Levi
    La Vergne, TN
    Replacing power steering hose
    how to replace a power steering hose on a 2001 nissan frontier
    2001 Nissan Frontier | answers (0)
  • Jeff
    Cherokee, IA
    I lost two cylinders while driving down the hiway. Check engine shows 03 and 05 code. I have tried plugs,wires,coils,injectors,cam,compression,cylinder leak down. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
    2004 Ford Ranger | answers (1)
  • Stephen
    Rogers, AR
    Oil leak
    I own a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 liter V-8. When driving on the highway at 70 mph my truck will start to smoke. when I look under the vehicle I see oil dripping down onto the exhaust and then onto the ...
    2001 Dodge Ram 1500 | answers (1)
  • Douglas
    Seattle, WA
    front disc brake question
    Had a work friend install front disc pads on my 2005 Ford Ranger. Horrible grinding noise now after the installation. Even hearing some rubbing noises without applying the brakes. He says it's normal ...
    answers (1)
  • John
    Columbus, OH
    not starting occationally and cutting off while dr...
    when truck does not start, I try again ater a few hours and it starts. may not do it again for months. when it cuts off, a few hours later starts with no problem. Again may not repeat for  a month or ...
    2004 Chevy Avalanche | answers (2)
  • Zach
    Elizabethtown, PA
    AC Working Intermittently
    I recently purchased a used Ford truck.  The air conditioning unit on my '06 F-350 6.0 diesel works intermittently.  It will come on, blow very cold air, then stops and just becomes the same temperatu...
    answers (1)
  • Terri
    Terrell, TX
    Loose shifter.....
    Column shifter is loose and slips...  Difficulty shifting
    Approximate cost to fix ... If possible to give an estimate as to how much to fix ?
    1996 Ford F-150 | answers (1)
  • Robert
    Joplin, MO
    From time to time this truck will not start.  It will turn over just fine, but will not fire.  It seems like it is not getting fuel.  Sometimes it starts after a few tries and sometimes it won't start...
    1993 Dodge Dakota | answers (1)
  • Fred
    Indianapolis, IN
    Engine trouble
    My truck will start but when I try to give it gas it will die but only when its cold. When the motor warms up to a normal running temp around 200 degrees it runs fine what could be the problem ?      ...
    1994 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (1)

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