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  • Phillip
    Jacksonville, AR
    Truck wheels
    I was wondering if I could put 235 75 15 kenda k29 mud tires on my 1994 Silverado c1500 without a lift or anything.
    1994 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (0)
  • ken
    Owensboro, KY
    1993 Ford Ranger | answers (2)
  • Ronnie
    Cullman, AL
    Wont start just clicks no starter engauge
    Replaced Battery now a code on dash reads 9 15 15 main bat wire has power to starter but no power on purple plug in wire on solonoid when key is turned to start just hear a clicking noise
    2008 Chevy Colorado | answers (1)
  • Levi
    Mound City, MO
    Tire size
    Ok first of all I have a f-150 I was wondering if you could help me with tire sizes I have fuel 17x9 wheels with a -12 offset wheels it has a 2" leveling kit was wondering if I could clear 33-12.50-17...
    2005 Ford F-250 | Photos Added (1) | answers (1)
  • Mike
    Chipley, FL
    Mud grips on back
    I have an '03 Ranger Edge that I put mud grips on the back to help at boat ramps and such. They've been great, except, on the highway. Every since I put them on, the front end wants to wander all over...
    2003 Ford Ranger | answers (1)
  • Luis
    Fort Meade, FL
    Took it to 2 mechanics told me they couldn't fix it.they said it was a electronic only cranks but won't turn on all of the dash boards come on flashing like crazy .. Someone help plz 
    2005 Chevy Avalanche | answers (1)
  • scott
    Youngstown, OH
    oil level sensor
    I had a faulty oil level sensor that I replaced and every time I start my truck after it has been sitting for awhile it says my oil level is at 0 but I turn my truck off and turn it back on it reads t...
    2006 Dodge RAM | answers (0)
  • Anthony
    Wont stay running
    The truck starts, idle fine for 10 to 15 seconds then stalls. Pressing on gas peddle does nothing to keep it running (engine stalls). Fuel pump is working and lines are clear......
    2000 GMC C/K 2500 | answers (1)
  • Frank
    Pensacola, FL
    My Gas thank
    You have work many time on my Ranger the gas tank still got a leak. you check it the last time and my filler hose was leaking and I replace it and the fuel pump and I still have a leak some where abov...
    1992 Ford Ranger | answers (1)
  • CODY
    Tilden, TX
    2007 Dodge Dakota | answers (0)