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  • david
    Canandaigua, NY
    why not answering my email
    the 1999 white pu that im interested ive stated to you the trade in value was only were asking 4995.00 I still want the truck. but not willing to pay making a offer one ti...
    1999 Chevy pu 1500 | answers (1)
  • Roger
    Cornell, MI
    Will not start
    Starts only when I pour fuel in carb. I have already changed fuel pump assembly in tank & fuel filter. All fuses have been checked. Could it be a problem with the ECM or in the distribiter monitor?
    1993 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (1)
  • Christopher
    Saint Louis, MO
    I have a 2001 dodge ram that I will put into reverse and I can feel the gears shift but when I give it gas the truck doesn't move. Yet drive, 1, and 2 works fine.
    2003 Dodge RAM | answers (1)
  • Richard
    Hillsboro, OR
    The colder it is outside the less heat I get from the heater at 30 degrees or colder very little heat.  Have changed the thermostat.
    1990 Ford F-150 | answers (1)
  • raul
    Othello, WA
    My 4/4 is not getting power to selector checked fuses they are good 2008 ford f250 diesel heavy duty when I turn key on 4 X 4 light hi low comes on briefly need help turn switch nothing happens
    2008 Ford F-250 | answers (0)
  • Darin
    New Port Richey, FL
    1995 Ford F-150 | answers (2)
  • Kelly
    Salisbury, NC
    transmission swap
    I have an 85 Ford f-150.  It has an original AOD transmission. What other transmission can be substituted for that one.  Also the transmission is gone from the truck, how can I find out if it has a 10...
    1985 Ford F-150 | answers (1)
  • raul
    Othello, WA
    4 X 4 not working
    My 4th is not working In my diesel 6.4 truck checked fuses and relays I have no power to the 4 X 4 selector switch when I turn key on 4 X 4 indicators on dash light up briefly don't know what to check...
    2008 Ford F-250 | answers (0)
  • terry
    Saint Johns, MI
    Truck w/ two batteries not charging
    truck is barely starting. once running it is putting on about 15  volts. seems to run normally once started Truck is equipped with 2 batteries, and just replaced water pump
    2007 Chevy Silverado | answers (1)
  • tom
    Versailles, KY
    why dont my heater work
     truck doesn't overheat,blower comes on, but does't put out any heat.
    2001 Chevy Silverado | answers (1)

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