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  • felix
    Naples, FL
    hard to start seems like gas is not get to carb. when driving sometimes is like choking then runs smooth again. had truck since new always replace what ever it needs. over 200,000 miles
    1997 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (0)
  • Bruce
    Petersburg, IN
    gas guage floats back & forth
    the gas guage floats back & forth even when tank is full. it bobs up & down. is it the float assy.? or what?
    1992 Dodge Dakota | answers (1)
  • bill
    Terre Haute, IN
    engine change
    i got 2 rangers same year one is a 3.0 and the other is a 4.0 i blew up the 3.0 so can i take the 4.0 and put it in the place of the 3.0 will everything line up and bolt up
    2000 Ford Ranger | answers (1)
  • Silver
    Chandler, AZ
    How many mounting bolt truck bed
    Taking bed off truck to get to fuel tank assembley
    1995 Dodge RAM | answers (1)
  • Junior
    Fort Wainwright, AK
    Vehicle is not running good.  I changed oil and did a drive test it was perfect.  A month ago I stop driving it because there was a weird sound coming from the engine that I have no clue what it is.  ...
    2007 Ford F-150 | answers (1)
  • Robert
    Santa Maria, CA
    Bad ignition switch symptoms
    Key was left on ran position, truck won't start, then it will start, rebooted computers, start won't start, hear clicking noise under desh is this a bad ignition switch????
    2000 Ford F-250 | answers (1)
  • linda
    Pahoa, HI
    I pulled the thermostat out but still overheat..
    1997 Toyota Tacoma | answers (1)
  • tim
    San Diego, CA
    heat coming in cab while driving
     While driving heat is coming in the cab the engine is not heating up also thru the vents the air cont  just started been in storged for a while
    2003 Ford F-450/550 | answers (1)
  • Vincent
    Las Cruces, NM
    What next?
    My truck doesn't idle unless I press the gas and when I put it in drive I have to press the gas repeatedly to accelerate. When I come to a stop it will turn off. I replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, w...
    1990 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (1)
  • Don
    Jones, MI
    no oil pressure
    Lost oil pressure replaced lower oil pump cranked and ran on either no oil pressure on gauge
    1995 Ford F-250 | answers (1)

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